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Hostel Rules

Hostel Rules

  1. The Institute has limited Hostel accommodation on shared basis. The allotment is based on merit, and in adherence to reservation policy as may be applicable.
  2. The inmates shall not interchange their allotted rooms without prior permission of the Rector.
  3. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner befitting the Institute’s stature. They shall not indulge in any activity which may bring disrepute to the Institute.
  4. The inmates should observe decorum in the hostels and the residential campus. Since the hostels are located in a residential area, loud music, late night activity, and partying in the campus is not permitted. Students shall not cause any discomfort or inconvenience to other fellow students or to other residents on the campus.
  5. Consumption of alcoholic drinks, smoking, eating paan/tobacco products and spitting is strictly prohibited in the residential campus.
  6. Subscription to the hostel mess is compulsory for all inmates. Students residing at the hostel shall be required to pay the annual mess charges upfront along with the tuition fees.
  7. The Institute shall appoint a Mess Committee comprising student representatives, members of the teaching/non-teaching staff and the manager/representative of the mess contractor. The Committee shall oversee the general functioning of the student mess and shall monitor quality, cleanliness, maintenance and upkeep of the kitchen/dining hall, etc.
  8. The use of electrical appliances such as heaters, irons, immersion rods, etc., is not permitted in the rooms. The inmates may, however, use the pantry area to prepare tea/coffee.  However, under no circumstances shall cooking be permitted in the hostels.
  9. The inmates shall be responsible for the hostel property in their charge. They shall be required to pay the cost of repairs in case of damage caused by them to the furniture, electric fittings or the building, whether intentionally or otherwise.
  10. The inmates shall be responsible for cleanliness of their rooms. They are expected to clean their room on their own and keep the hostel premises clean.
  11. Resident students shall consciously develop water and energy saving habits and avoid wasteful, improper use of water and electricity, as well as amenities such as furniture, water coolers, washing machines, etc. provided in the hostels.
  12. Under no circumstances shall students be permitted to allow any unauthorized person to stay overnight in their rooms.
  13. Male students/visitors are not permitted to enter the Girls’ Hostels and faculty quarters allotted to female students.
  14. Female students are not permitted to enter the Boys’ Hostels and faculty quarters allotted to male students.
  15. Ragging inside or outside the Institute campuses is strictly banned. Legal action will be initiated against students involved in ragging, as per provisions of the UGC Anti-Ragging Regulations, 2009.
  16. The Institute will not be responsible for any loss of money or valuables belonging to the students.
  17. Hostel inmates shall park their two wheelers, if any, at designated area in the residential campus; however, cars, if any, belonging to students will not be permitted inside the residential campus.
  18. No vehicle shall be allowed to either enter or move out of the residential premises from 12.00 midnight to 5.00 a.m.
  19. In accordance with the UGC guidelines on safety of students, the residential campus shall be under CCTV surveillance.
  20. If any inmate staying in the hostel is found violating the rules of the hostel in letter and spirit, or found indulging in any activity that is not conducive to maintenance of decorum at the residential campus, he/she shall be liable for disciplinary action as may be recommended by the Disciplinary Committee and as approved by the Director.
  21. Resident students must vacate their rooms at the end of the academic year and hand over the rooms to the authorized official.