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Sr.No. Title
1 The Salaries of Public Officials in India by D.R.Gadgil, 1931
2 Imperial Preference for India: The Ottawa Agreement (Examined) by D.R.Gadgil, 1932

A Survey of the Marketing of Fruit in Poona by D.R.Gadgil and V.R.Gadgil, 1933


A Survey of Motor Bus Transportation in Six Districts of the Bombay Presidency by D.R.Gadgil and L.V.Gogate, 1935

5 Urban Handicrafts of the Bombay Deccan by N.M. Joshi, 1936
6 Legislative Protection and Relief of Agricultural Debtors in India by K.G.Sivaswamy, 1939
7 A Survey of Farm Business in Wai Taluka by D.R. Gadgil and V.R. Gadgil, 1940
8 The Population Problem in India - A Regional Approach by N.V. Sovani, 1942
9 Regulation of Wages and Other Problems of Industrial Labour in India by D.R. Gadgil, Reprinted in 1954
10 War and Indian Economic Policy by D.R.Gadgil and N.V. Sovani 1944
11 The Aborigines - "So-called" - and Their Future by G.S.Ghurye, 1943
12 Poona - A Socio-Economic Survey: Part I-Economic by D.R. Gadgil assisted by the Staff of the Institute, 1945
13 Federating India by D.R.Gadgil, 1945
14 The Socio-Economic Survey of Weaving Communities in Sholapur by RG. Kakade, 1947

The Federal Problem in India by D.R.Gadgil, 1947

16 Bombay Finance (1921-1946) by T. M. Joshi, 1947
17 Economic Effects of Irrigation: Report of a Survey of Direct and Indirect Benefits of the Godavari and Pravara Cannals by D.R.Gadgil, 1948
18 The Social Survey of Kolhapur City: Part I-Population and Fertility by N.V. Sovani, assisted by the Staff of the Institute, 1948
19 Some Observations on the Draft Constitution by D.R.Gadgil, 1948
20 Reports of the Commodity Prices Board Edited by N.V.Sovani, 1948
21 Post-War Inflation in India - Á Survey by N.V.Sovani, 1949
22 Planning of Post-War Economic Development in India by N.V.Sovani, 1951
23 Sociaì Survey of Kolhapur City: Vol.II-Industry, Trade and Labour by N.V.Sovani, assisted by the Staff of the Institute, 1951
24 Sociaì Survey of Kolhapur City: Vol.III-Family Living and Social Life by N.V.Sovani, assisted by the Staff of the Institute, 1952
25 Poona - Á Socio-Economic Survey: Part II by D.R.Gadgil, 1952
26 Report on the Poona Schedules of the National Sample Survey (1950-51) by V.M.Dandekar, 1953
27 Survey of Fertility and Mortality in Poona District by V.M.Dandekar and Kumudini Dandekar, 1953
28 Structure and Working of Village Panchayats: A Survey based on case studies in Bombay and Madras by A.V.Raman Rao, 1954
29 Second Report on the Poona Schedules of the National Sample Survey (1950-51) by V.M.Dandekar, 1954
30 Economic Policy and Development (Á Collection of Writings) by D.R.Gadgil, 1955
31 Fertility Survey of Nasik, Kolaba and Satara (North) Districts by N.V.Sovani and Kumudini Dandekar, 1955
32 Primary Education in Satara District: Reports of Two Investigations by D.R.Gadgil and V.M.Dandekar, 1955
33 Use of Food Surpluses for Economic Development by V.M.Dandekar, 1956
34 Poona: A Re-Survey (The Changing Pattern of Employment and Earnings) by N.V.Sovani, D.P.Apte and R.G.Pendse, 1956
35 Working of Bombay Tenancy Act, 1948: Report of Investigation by V.M.Dandekar and G.J.Khudanpur, 1957
36 Food Control in Bombay Province 1939-49 by V.S.Patvardhan, 1958
37 Demographic Survey of Six Rural Communities by Kumudini Dandekar, 1959
38 Economics of a Multiple-Purpose River Dam: Report of an inquiry into the Economic Benefits of the Hirakud Dam by N.V.Sovani and Nilkantha Rath, 1960
39 Planning and Economic Policy in India (3rd enlarged Ed.) by D.R.Gadgil, 1962 (2nd edition is available)
40 Methods and Practice of Farm Accounts: Report on the Pilot Project, Bombay 1955-56 and Uttar Pradesh 1956-57 by G.D.Agrawal and G.J.Khudanpur, 1961
41 Financing Small-Scale Industries in India 1950-1952 by G.Balakrishnan, 1961
42 Distribution and Consumption of Cloth in Poona by Sulabha Brahme, 1962
43 Westage in College Education: Two Studies about Students of the University of Poona by A.R.Kamat and R.G.Deshmukh, 1963
44 Workers, Factories and Social Change in India by Richard D.Lambert, 1963
45 Levels of Economic Activity and Public Expenditure in India: A Historical and Quantitative Study by Kshitimohan.Mukerji, 1965
46 Sholapur City: Socio-Economic Studies by D.R.Gadgil, assisted by the Staff of the Institute, 1965
47 British Agricultural Marketing - A Study in Government Policy by V.S.Patvardhan, 1965
48 Impact of Assistance under P.L.480 on Indian Economy by N.Rath and V.S.Patvardhan, 1967
49 Communication in Family Planning: Report of an Experiment by Kumudini Dandekar, 1967
50 Chambers of Commerce in India by M.V. Namjoshi and B.R. Sabade, 1967
51 Deluge in Poona: Aftermath and Rehabilitation by Sulabha Brahme and Prakash Gole, 1967
52 Dhananjaya Ramachandra Gadgil - Making of the Man, Foreword by V. M. Dandekar, 1967
53 Human Rights in a Multi-National Society by D.R.Gadgil, 1968
54 Cooperation: Principles and Substance by D.G.Karve, 1968
55 Two Studies in Education by A.R.Kamat, 1968
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60 Terminology in Indian Land Reforms by P.T. George, 1972
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62 Writings and Speeches of Prof. D.R. Gadgil on Planning and Development (1967-71), Ed. by A.R. Kamat, 1973
63 Compendium of Forest Resources in Maharashtra: Forest Enumerations by S.N. Gadam, 1975
64 Writings and Speeches of Prof. D. R. Gadgiì on Cooperation, Foreword by V. M. Dandekar, 1975
65 Writings and Speeches of Prof. D. R. Gadgiì on Economic and Political Problems, Edited by Sulabha Brahme, 1981
66 Re-promulgation of Ordinances: A Fraud on the Constitution of India by D.C. Wadhwa, 1983 (Reprinted in 1988),
67 Employment Guarantee Scheme: An Employment Opportunity for Women by Kumudini Dandekar, 1983
68 Drought in Maharashtra 1972: Á Case for Irrigation Planning by Sulabha Brahme, 1983
69 The Transformation of an Indian Labour Market: The Case of Pune by Richard D. Lambert, R.G. Ginsberg and S.J. Moore, 1987
70 National Fertility and Mortality Survey Maharashtra 1980 by K. Sivaswamy Srikantan and Vaijayanti Bhate, 1989
71 Irrigation Utilisation in the Context of Protective and Productive Irrigation in Maharashtra by Ashok K. Mitra, 1990
72 Indian Economics: Some Theory, Some Practice by N.V. Sovani, 1991