Sr.No. Author Title
WP1 Srijit Mishra Strategic Interdependence and Passive Smoking
WP2 Ajit Sinha Reading Sraffa: The Philosophical Underpinnings of Production of Commodities by Means of Commodities
WP3 Santanu Gupta On the Relevance of the Median Voter to Resource Allocation amongst Jurisdictions
WP4 Ajit Sinha Some Critical Reflections on Marx’s Theory of Value
WP5 Shrikant Kalamkar Agricultural Development and Sources of Output Growth in Maharashtra State
WP6 N. Benjamin and P.N. Rath Modern Indian Business History : A Bibliographic Survey
WP7 P. Ramesh Malnutrition among Women in Kerala: An Analysis of Trends, Differences and Determinants
WP8 Rupayan Pal Union-Firm Bargaining Under Alternative Pay Schemes: Does Performances Related pay Better?
WP9 Swapnendu Banerjee and Tarun Kabiraj Optimal Patent Length in North-South Framework
WP10 Siddhartha Mitra Three Essays on the Economics and Finance of Terrorism
WP11 Swapnendu Banerjee Rent a Womb: Surrogate Selection, Investment Incentives and Contracting
WP12 P. Ramesh An Analysis of Fertility Differentials among Caste Groups in Andhra Pradesh
WP13 Arup Maharatna Children’s Work Activities in a Peasant Household: Epitome of Neo-classical Rationality or Else?
WP14 Rupayan Pal and Bibhas Saha Union-Oligopoly Bargaining and Entry Deterrence: A Reassessment of Limit Pricing
WP15 K.G. Kshirsagar Impact of Organic Farming on Economics of Sugarcane Cultivation in Maharashtra
WP16 Sugeeta Upadhyay On the Economics of Higher Education in India, with Special Reference to Women
WP17 Swapnendu Banerjee Gestational Surrogacy Contracts: Altruistic or Commercial?
WP18 Arup Maharatna Development of What?: An Exposition of the Politics of Development Economics,
WP19 Rajas Parchure The Sraffa System for Continuous Industrial Production
WP20 Rajas Parchure A Model of Market Clearing Exchange Rates
WP21 Arup Maharatna Can ‘Beautiful’ Be ‘Backward’? India’s Tribes in a Long-Term Demographic Perspective
WP22 Rajas Parchure Closure for the Sraffa System: A Theory of Value, Distribution and Growth
WP23 Rajas Parchure On Graham’s Theory of Multicountry Multicommodity Trade
WP24 Rajas Parchure Fisher’s Equation: Some Methodological Doubts
WP25 Rajas Parchure A New Model of the Interaction between Industries and Households
WP26 Rajas Parchure Money and General Disequilibrium: Economic Policies for the Integration of Monetary and Value Theories
WP27 Rajas Parchure Strategies for Increasing Agriculture Insurance Penetration in India
WP28 Vini Sivanandan, R. Nagrajan, Sanjevani Mulay, Arun Pisal, Akram Khan, A.P. Prasik, R. Pol and Vandana Shivnekar Awareness of Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakram among women in Maharashtra, India
WP29 Rajas Parchure The Input-Output Theory of Interest Rates
WP30 Prabhash Narayana Rath Evolution of Systematic Bibliographies in India
WP31 Rajas Parchure   Money and General Disequilibrium
WP32 Atraeyee Sinha Chakraborty Export Standards and Export Losses: The Need for Harmonization of Standards with Special Reference to RTAS
WP33 Vini Sivnandan, Arun Pisal, A.P. Prashik, Raj Pol, Akram Khan and Vandana Shivnekar An Assessment of Diversity and Population Structure of Disabled Population in Maharashtra
WP34 Rajas Parchure Theoretical and Empirical Considerations towards the Integration of the Leontief and Sraffa Systems
WP35 Rajas Parchure Sraffian General Equilibrium
WP36 Lalitagauri Kulkarni and Akshay Dhume Large Scale Corporations in India’s Non-Financial Sector: Protagonists or Predators?
WP37 Lalitagauri Kulkarni and Manu Jain Examining the Financial Feasibility of Universal Health Insurance in India
WP38 Lalitagauri Kulkarni Financial Efficiency versus Social Outreach of Indian Micro-Finance Institutions
WP39 Lalitagauri Kulkarni Liberalization of India’s Life Insurance Sector: An Evaluatio
WP40 Deepanshi Bhardwaj and Shiva Reddy Bank Characteristics, Financial Market Development and Monetary Policy Transmission
WP41 Shiva Reddy and Durairaj Kumarasamy Impact of Credit Cards and Debit Cards on Currency Demand and Seigniorage
WP42 Altamash Aiman and Shiva Reddy Inflation Targeting in India