Registration No. Name of the Ph.D. Scholar Date of Registration  Principal Supervisor Title of the Thesis
2013/02 Mr. Ashish Karnavat 30.04.2013 Dr. Lalitagauri Kulkarni Financial Reporting of Derivatives: An Economic Perspective
2013/05 Ms. Meena Hemchandra 06.05.2013 Prof. Rajas Parchure Early Warning Framework for a Financial Crisis
2013/08 Ms. Medhavinee Narendra Watve 01.07.2013 Dr. Debasish Nandy Environmental Impact Analysis in Input-Output Framework
2014/01 Ms. Madhuri Deepak Thombre 06.05.2014 Dr. R. Nagarajan Declining Child Sex Ratio – An Analysis with Special Reference to the State of Maharashtra & its Districts
2014/02 Ms. Surabhi Jaju 06.05.2014 Prof. K.C. Thaware Economics of Water Management, Recycling and Reuse in Maharashtra
2014/03 Mr. Vishal Bhimrao Gaikwad 08.05.2014 Dr. K.S. Reddy Role of Behavioral Finance: Individual Investment Decisions and Social Interactions(Study of Indian Investors)
2014/04 Ms. Santhi N.S. 15.05.2014 Dr. R. Nagarajan Understanding the Changes in Child Sex Ratio in Tamil Nadu: An Exploratory Study of Two Districts
2015/02 Ms. Rashmi Sawant 30.04.2015 Prof. Rajas Parchure Causes of Pendency in Judiciary of Pune District Special Reference: Regular Civil Suit (Study Period Yr. 1994-2014)
2015/04 Ms. Saylee Jog 06.05.2015 Prof. Jayanti Kajale Analysis of Urban Land Markets in India
2015/05 Ms. Meenu Makhani 06.05.2015 Dr. Lalitagauri Kulkarni Valuation of Disability and Computation of Compensation in Motor Vehicle Accidents in Pune City: A Critical Analysis
2015/08 Mr. Chandrakant Netaji Kolekar 11.05.2015 Dr. Sivanandan Vini Health Infrastructure and Health Outcomes in India: A District Level Analysis
2015/10 Mr. Bhupesh Gopal Chintamani 14.05.2015 Dr. K.S. Reddy Economic Aspects of Remittances in India after Liberalization
2015/11 Ms. Sayali Ahutosh Ganu-Dabake 15.05.2015 Prof. Rajas Parchure Remedies for Breach of Contract in India
2016/02 Mr. Saugata Bhattacharya 25.02.2016 Prof. Rajas Parchure An Empirical Assessment of Asymmetric Transmission of RBI Monetary Policy Rate to Bank Lending Rates
2016/03 Ms. Monica Hannah Dias 26.02.2016 Prof. Anjali Radkar Economic Evaluation of Non-state Sector Engagement in TB care: Partnerships and Models for Equitable Access
2016/05 Mr. Hrudananda Panda 29.02.2016 Dr. K.S. Reddy Behavioral Perspectives on Inclusive Banking Policy & Practice in India
2016/06 Mr. K.C. Supekar 29.02.2016 Dr. Dilip Kajale Study on Growth of Cooperative Dairy Industry in India and Its Role in Improvement in Rural Livelihood
2016/07 Mr. Mahindra N. Wardhalwar 29.02.2016 Dr. Prashant Bansode Government Welfare Schemes, Malnutrition Child and Human Capital Formation: Special References of Tribal Area Region
2016/10 Mr. Aniruddha More 08.03.2016 Prof. Rajas Parchure Innovations for Sustainable Agriculture
2016/11 Ms. Hema Kurup 08.03.2016 Dr. K.S. Hari Demographic Transition and Educated Unemployment in Kerala
2016/13 Ms. P. Bhanumati 08.03.2016 Dr. Kakali Mukhopadhyay Essays on the Construction of Supply Use Tables at the Sub-National Level
2016/14 Mr. Devidas Vishwanath Palve 10.03.2016 Dr. Lalitagauri Kulkarni Role of Urban SHGs in Financial Inclusion with Respect to Economic Efficiency and Social Effectiveness: An Evidence from Urban SHGs in PMC (Pune Municipal Corporation)
2016/15 Mr. Vijay Prakash Misra 11.03.2016 Prof. K.C. Thaware Banking Efficiency in the Post-Liberalization Period in India: An Investigation of Drivers and Determinants
2016/18 Mr. Vaibhav Eknath Tandale 14.03.2016 Dr. S. Siddhanta Wealth Inequality and Economic Development in Maharashtra: An Explorative Study
2016/19 Ms. Jyoti Saha 14.03.2016 Dr. Debasish Nandy Migration and wellbeing
2016/20 Mr. Pramod Sadolikar 16.03.2016 Dr. Dilip Kajale A Comparative  Study of Jalyukta Shivar Scheme and Watershed Development Approach in Maharashtra
2017/01 Mr. Ashish Arun Andhale 08.05.2017 Dr. S. Siddhanta A study on Industrial Clusters of Automobile-Component Industry in India:- Spatial Pattern, Growth, and Performance
2017/02 Ms. Moumita Paul 08.05.2017 Dr. K.S. Reddy Looking Beyond Quantitative Easing
2017/03 Mr. Shailesh Bharati 08.05.2017 Prof. Deepak Shah Analysis of edible oils and pulses consumption in India
2017/04 Mr. Anand Philip Kurian 08.05.2017 Prof. Anjali Radkar The role of cooperative banks in inclusive finance: A study with special reference to Kottayam District Central Cooperative Bank (DCB)
2017/05 Mr. Ishan Jagdish Janbandhu 08.05.2017 Dr. Anurag Asawa Analysis of Alcohol Consumption, Prohibition and Regulation in India
2017/06 Ms. Dibyangana Chakraborty 08.05.2017 Prof. Anjali Radkar Socio-economic Impacts of Rubber Plantation on the Livelihoods of Tribal Shifting Cultivators of North-East India
2017/07 Mr. Sachin Kisan Kadam 08.05.2017 Dr. Dilip Kajale Price Behavior and Value Chain of Pigeon Pea in India
2017/08 Ms. Umme Salma Shahnawaz Shaikh 08.05.2017 Prof. K.C. Thaware Informal Female Labour Market Structure (A study of Income Sustainability, Employment Generation, and Social Security in Tertiary  Sector
2017/09 Mr. Azhar Akbar Khan 08.05.2017 Prof. Rajas Parchure A Comparative Analysis of the Performance of Nationalized Banks with Reference to the Performance of the Old Private Sector Banks during the Period of 1975 to 2015
2017/10 Mr. Praphul K. Varkeychen 08.05.2017 Dr. K.S. Hari Socio Economic and Nutritional Status of Scheduled Tribes in Kerala
2017/11 Mr. Joby Joseph 08.05.2017 Dr. K.S. Hari Tariff Policies and External Trade Performance of Rubber and Rubber Products under India’s Regional Trade Agreements
2017/13 Ms. Kanchan Anand Ghugre 08.05.2017 Dr. Dilip Kajale Urbanisation, Agriculture and Labour Market Development in Semi-Arid Region: A case study of Hyderabad
2017/14 Ms. Shalaka Sarwate 08.05.2017 Dr. Anurag Asawa  Pricing and Distribution Policies of Spectrum
2017/15 Ms. Chavi Jain 08.05.2017 Dr. Dilip Kajale Reforming Indian Agriculture through Information Communication and Technology (ICT) and Mechanisation
2017/16 Ms. Deepthi Mary Mathew 08.05.2017 Dr. K.S. Reddy Currency Wars: Impact on Emerging Economies
2017/18 Mr. Vivek Vishnu Datar 08.05.2017 Dr. Naresh Bodkhe Impact of Automation on Labour Market
2017/19 Mr. Tushaba Dashrathrao Shinde 08.05.2017 Dr. Anurag Asawa Analysis of Indian and Chinese Railway Employee Efficiency on per Capita Productivity, Its Problem and Solutions-Lifeline to become Superpower
2018/01 Mr. Ashutosh Upadhyay 02.05.2018 Dr. K.S. Reddy A Study on Velocity of Circulation of Money, Its Role in Monetary Policy Transmission and Its Impact on Various Economic Indicators
2018/02 Ms. Rashmi Dhongde 02.05.2018 Dr. Atryee Sinha Chakraborty Socio-Economic Impact of TRIPS Agreement and Allied Laws on Farming and Farmers in Maharashtra
2018/03 Mr. Tarun Khandelwal 02.05.2018 Dr. Ashish Kulkarni Banks and Stock Markets-Growth and Development
2018/04 Mr. Praveen 02.05.2018 Dr. S. Siddhanta Analysis of Socio-Economic Consequences of Surplus Male in India
2018/05 Mr. Shrikant Gangawane 02.05.2018 Dr. Naresh Bodkhe Analysis of the Problem of Disparity in Development of Districts of Maharashtra
2018/06 Mr. Madhav Rangrao Inchure 02.05.2018 Dr. Naresh Bodkhe An Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Socio-Economic Development of Rural Maharashtra
2018/07 Mr. Ajinkya Siddhodhan Gawai 02.05.2018 Prof. K.C. Thaware Persistency of Industrial Underdevelopment of Marathwada Region
2018/08 Mr. S. Veeraputhran 02.05.2018 Dr. K.S. Hari Price Uncertainty and Livelihood Strategies of Small Farmers: The Case of Natural Rubber in India
2018/09 Mr. Jyoti Ranjan Nath 02.05.2018 Prof. K.C. Thaware An Evaluation of Determinants of Eco-Tourism Demand in Assam and the Role of Eco-Tourism in Socio-Economic Growth and Development of the State Economy: A Study with Special Reference to Kaziranga National Park
2018/10 Mr. Abhaysingh Jaysingh Chavan 02.05.2018 Dr. Anurag Asawa Value Versus Growth: What Drives Value Premium in the Indian Stock Market
2018/11 Mr. Upananda Pani 02.05.2018 Dr. Ashish Kulkarni Dynamics of Price Behavior and Hedging Effectiveness of Commodity Futures Markets in India
2018/12 Mr. Ashok Dinkar Jaybhaye 02.05.2018 Prof. Anjali Radkar Determinants of Full Immunization and Complete Immunization Coverage in Selected District of Madhya Pradesh
2018/13 Ms. Jyoti Changdeo Gadage 02.05.2018 Dr. Prema Borkar Female Participation in Agricultural Economic Activity – A Geographical Perspective with Special Reference to Rural Areas in Maharashtra
2018/14 Mr. Nilesh Narayan Padwal 02.05.2018 Prof. K.C. Thaware Air Pollution and Its Impact on Human Health: An Analysis for Maintaining Air Quality and Healthy Human Life Style
PhD201901 Ms. Ajita Vijay Pandit 03.05.2019 Dr. S. Siddhanta Impact of Declining Fertility on Consumption Behavior in India with Special Reference to Maharashtra
PhD201902 Ms. Anandita Ghosh 03.05.2019 Dr. Lalitagauri Kulkarni Coexistence of High Corruption and High Growth Rate
PhD201903 Ms. Apoorva Lalwani 03.05.2019 Dr. Vinni Sivanandan Exploring the Pathways for Dropout Rates among Children
PhD201904 Mr. Baldev Singh Kulaste 03.05.2019 Prof. Anjali Radkar Nutrition Transition and Dual Burden of Malnutrition in India
PhD201905 Ms. Diya Tanmay Devare 03.05.2019 Dr. Savita Kulkarni Patterns and Determinants of Female Labour Force Participation in Metropolitan Cities of India
PhD201906 Ms. Jayashree Dattaprasad Deshpande 03.05.2019 Dr. Prashant Bansode Are Smart Cities Inclusive and Sustainable? A Sociological Study with Respect to City of Pune
PhD201907 Ms. Madhurima Ghosh 03.05.2019 Prof. Rajas Parchure Economics of Health Care: Opportunities, Challenges and Concerns of Health Insurance
PhD201908 Ms. Mehr Kaur 03.05.2019 Dr. S. Siddhanta A Theoretical Synthesis of Structural Transformation Response to Demographic Transition
PhD201909 Ms. Ninawari Dilip Ware 03.05.2019 Dr. Savita Kulkarni A Critical Review of Initiatives Taken to Universalize Education in India
PhD201910 Mr. Nitin Maske 03.05.2019 Dr. Lalitagauri Kulkarni  Addressing Disparity In Social Infrastructure:
Evidences From District Level Indices On Education And Health In Maharashtra
PhD201911 Mr. Pranav Raj 03.05.2019 Dr. K.S. Reddy On Estimating Human Capital
PhD201913 Mr. Purbash Nayak 03.05.2019 Dr. S. Siddhanta Low Level Equilibrium of Female Labour Force Participation under Structural Transformation
PhD201914 Mr. Rajat Singh Yadav 03.05.2019 Dr. K.S. Reddy Financial Inclusion and Credit Related Interventions for Inclusive Growth
PhD201915 Mr. Rajratna Suresh Kosambi 03.05.2019 Dr. Prashant Bansode Seasonal Adivasi Labor Migration in Nandurbar: Mapping Various Trends of Migration, Returns, Work Conditions and Quality of Life
PhD201916 Mr. Ravi Vishwas Gitte 03.05.2019 Dr. Ashish Kulkarni Analysis of Agricultural Household Debt in Maharashtra
PhD201917 Ms. Rutuja Purohit 03.05.2019 Dr. Naresh Bodkhe Labor Laws On Social Security: Their Enforcement and Management in Automobile Industry Housed In Vicinity of Pune (Maharashtra)”
PhD201918 Ms. Sakshi Juneja 03.05.2019 Dr. K.S. Reddy Analysis of Non-Performing Assets in Indian Banking Industry
PhD201919 Ms. Shivani Balasaheb Bankar 03.05.2019 Dr. Lalitagauri Kulkarni Regional Disparities and Measurement of Poverty
PhD201920 Ms. Sunanda B V 03.05.2019 Prof. Rajas Parchure A Study of Elective Vehicles Market and Feebate Policy in Bengaluru Urban Area
PhD201921 Ms. Surender Kaur 03.05.2019 Prof. Rajas Parchure Determinant of Corporate Performance
PhD201922 Mr. Sushant Malik 03.05.2019 Dr. Dilip Kajale Economic & Social Impact Assessment of Farmer Producer Organisations (FPO’s) in Maharashtra
PhD201923 Mr. Sushil Khodwekar 03.05.2019 Dr. Prashant Bansode A Sociological Study of Constitution and Rationality in Indian Society
PhD201924 Ms. Tejaswini Popat Sonawane 03.05.2019 Dr. Prashant Bansode Understanding Dalit Women Entrepreneurs Testimonies in the Context of Caste and Gender
PhD201925 Ms. Vandana Sharma 03.05.2019 Prof. Anjali Radkar Epidemiology of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: An Unattended Maternal Morbidity
PhD201926 Mr. Vinayak Vishwanath Nikas 03.05.2019 Dr. Ashish Kulkarni Political Economy of Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfers
PhD201927 Mr. Vishnu Sivadasa Prabhu 03.05.2019 Prof. Kakali Mukhopadhyay Modeling Carbon Responsibilities of India
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