Hello everyone!
This is an invite for the 36th UTBT Session.
Topic: India and Pride
Date: 26/06/2021
Time: 7:00 pm
Venue: Google Meet
The Google Meet Link shall be shared on the day of the event.
1. History of LGBTQIA+ movements, legislations and decisions: A general discussion of what is the current situation of the LGBTQIA+ community in India, and what was the contribution of our past legal, executive and legislative actions in the same.
2. Who will pave the way?:Often times, the idea of bringing change into the current arrangement of society leads us to asking: who can impact the most? Is it the Judiciary that needs to find ways and create directives for the members of society, to empower the LGBTQIA+ community? Or is the media more impactful in bringing a drastic change in the mindsets of people? Do we tackle the society and make it more dynamic and accepting of LGBTQIA+ people? Or is it the legislative and the executive that need to bring about legal backing in the cause of empowerment, and only then would a social change come.
3. Intersectionality in the LGBTQIA+ community: Society in itself is a complex lattice of intersecting identities and locations. What may be common for one, is a privilege for another. Building from this, can we identify intersectionality in LGBTQIA+ community? It is our belief that some members of the community are more vulnerable than other. Do you agree?
4. Performative Movements: The Pride Month is often marked with the idea of Pride-Advertising termed as “Rainbow-Washing”. While discussing the harms of “Rainbow-Marketing”, we ask you, can you identify any benefits of the same?
Looking forward to an active participation!
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