List of Registered Research Scholars

Registration No. Research Scholar Date of Registration Principal Supervisor Research Topic
2011/05 Ms. Vaishali Mohan Thombre 21.06.2011 Prof. K.C. Thaware Export-Import of Gems and Jewellary in India – Contribution in Foreign Exchange and Employment Generation(with special reference to SEEPZ, Mumbai)
2013/02 Mr. Ashish Karnavat 30.04.2013 Dr. Lalitagauri Kulkarni Valuation of sports broadcasting rights
2013/05 Ms. Meena Hemchandra 06.05.2013 Prof. Rajas Parchure Early Warning Framework for a Financial Crisis
2013/08 Ms. Medhavinee Narendra Watve 01.07.2013 Dr. Debasish Nandy Environmental Impact Analysis in Input-Output Framework
2014/01 Ms. Madhuri Deepak Thombre 06.05.2014 Dr. R. Nagarajan Declining Child Sex Ratio – An Analysis with Special Reference to the State of Maharashtra & its Districts
2014/02 Ms. Surabhi Jaju 06.05.2014 Prof. K.C. Thaware Economics of Water Management, Recycling and Reuse in Maharashtra
2014/03 Mr. Vishal Bhimrao Gaikwad 08.05.2014 Dr. K.S. Reddy Role of Behavioral Finance: Individual Investment Decisions and Social Interactions(Study of Indian Investors)
2014/04 Ms. Santhi N.S. 15.05.2014 Dr. R. Nagarajan Understanding the Changes in Child Sex Ratio in Tamil Nadu: An Exploratory Study of Two Districts
2015/01 Mr. Prashant Vasudeo Dhopavkar 29.04.2015 Dr. Lalitagauri Kulkarni An Artificial Neural Network Approach for Credit Risk Scoring in Indian Commercial Banks
2015/02 Ms. Rashmi Sawant 30.04.2015 Prof. Rajas Parchure Causes of Pendency in Judiciary of Pune District Special Reference: Regular Civil Suit (Study Period Yr. 1994-2014)
2015/03 Mr. Santosh N. Payas 06.05.2015 Prof. Anjali Radkar Comprehensive Study on Physibility of Register Based Census in India
2015/04 Ms. Saylee Jog 06.05.2015 Prof. Jayanti Kajale Analysis of Urban Land Markets in India
2015/05 Ms. Meenu Makhani 06.05.2015 Dr. Lalitagauri Kulkarni Valuation of Disability and Computation of Compensation in Motor Vehicle Accidents in Pune City: A Critical Analysis
2015/08 Mr. Chandrakant Netaji Kolekar 11.05.2015 Dr. Sivanandan Vini Health Infrastructure and Health Outcomes in India: A District Level Analysis
2015/10 Mr. Bhupesh Gopal Chintamani 14.05.2015 Dr. K.S. Reddy Economic Aspects of Remittances in India after Liberalization
2015/11 Ms. Sayali Ahutosh Ganu-Dabake 15.05.2015 Prof. Rajas Parchure Remedies for Breach of Contract in India
2015/13 Mr. Swapnil Virendra Chalwadi 18.05.2015 Dr. K.S. Reddy Performance and Efficiency of Banking Sector in India: Post Reform Period
2016/02 Mr. Saugata Bhattacharya 25.02.2016 Prof. Rajas Parchure An Empirical Assessment of Asymmetric Transmission of RBI Monetary Policy Rate to Bank Lending Rates
2016/03 Ms. Monica Hannah Dias 26.02.2016 Prof. Anjali Radkar Economic evaluation of non-state sector engagement in TB care: Partnerships andmodels for equitable access
2016/05 Mr. Hrudananda Panda 29.02.2016 Dr. K.S. Reddy Behavioral Perspectives on Inclusive Banking Policy & Practice in India
2016/06 Mr. K.C. Supekar 29.02.2016 Dr. Dilip Kajale Study on Growth of Cooperative Dairy Industry in India and Its Role in Improvement in Rural Livelihood
2016/07 Mr. Mahindra N. Wardhalwar 29.02.2016 Dr. Prashant Bansode Government Welfare Schemes, Malnutrition Child and Human Capital Formation: Special References of Tribal Area Region
2016/10 Mr. Anirudha More 08.03.2016 Dr. Rahul Nilakantan Innovations for Sustainable Agriculture
2016/11 Ms. Hema S. Kurup 08.03.2016 Dr. K.S. Hari Demographic dividend, skill formation and employability of the Indian labour force
2016/13 Ms. P. Bhanumati 08.03.2016 Prof. Kakali Mukhopadhyay Essays on the Construction of Supply Use Tables at the Sub-National Level
2016/14 Mr. Devidas Vishwanath Palve 10.03.2016 Dr. Lalitagauri Kulkarni Role of Urban SHGs in Financial Inclusion with Respect to Economic Efficiency and Social Effectiveness: An Evidence from Urban SHGs in PMC (Pune Municipal Corporation)
2016/15 Mr. Vijay Prakash Misra 11.03.2016 Prof. K.C. Thaware Banking Efficiency in the Post-Liberalization Period in India: An Investigation of Drivers and Determinants
2016/17 Ms. Priti Mastakar 11.03.2016 Prof. kakali Mukhopadhyay Building a Sustainable Municipal Solid Waste Model adapted to Indian waste and weather conditions with special reference to Sangli Miraj Kupwad Corporation
2016/18 Mr. Vaibhav Eknath Tandale 14.03.2016 Dr. SuddhasilSiddhanta Wealth Inequality and Economic Development in Maharashtra: An Explorative Study
2016/19 Ms. Jyoti Saha 14.03.2016 Dr. Debasish Nandy Challenges Faced by E-Commerce Startups in Maharashtra
2016/20 Mr. Pramod Sadolikar 16.03.2016 Dr. Dilip Kajale A Comarative Study of Jalyukta Shivar Scheme and Watershed Development Approach in Maharashtra
2017/01 Mr. Ashish Arun Andhale 08.05.2017 Dr. Suddhashil Siddhanta Infrastructure and development: A district level analysis of interrelation with reference to agriculture and human development in Maharashtra
2017/02 Ms. Moumita Paul 08.05.2017 Dr. K.S. Reddy Looking beyond quantitative easing
2017/03 Mr. Shailesh Bharati 08.05.2017 Prof. Deepak Shah Analysis of edible oils and pulses consumption in India
2017/04 Mr. Anand Philip Kurian 08.05.2017 Prof. Anjali Radkar The economics of return to work following an accident: A study on polu-traumatic patients with specific reference to Kerala
2017/05 Mr. Ishan Jagdish Janbandhu 08.05.2017 Dr. Anurag Asawa Cost benefit analysis of alcohol prohibition policy in one Indian State
2017/06 Ms. Dibyangana Chakraborty 08.05.2017 Prof. Anjali Radkar Socio-economic impacts of rubber plantation on the livelihoods of tribal shifting cultivators of North-East India
2017/07 Mr. Sachin Kisan Kadam 08.05.2017 Dr. Dilip Kajale Price behavior and value chain of pigeon pea in India
2017/08 Ms. Umme Salma Shahnawaz Shaikh 08.05.2017 Dr. K.S. Thaware Informal female labour market structure (A study of income sustainability, employment generation, and social security in tertiart sector
2017/09 Mr. Azhar Akbar Khan 08.05.2017 Prof. Rajas Parchure A comparative analysis of the performance of Nationalized banks with reference to the performance of the old private sector banks during the period of 1975 to 2015
2017/10 Mr. Praphul K. Varkeychen 08.05.2017 Dr. K.S. Hari Socio Economic and Nutritional Status of Scheduled Tribes in Kerala
2017/11 Mr. Joby Joseph 08.05.2017 Dr. K.S. Hari Tariff policies and external trade performance of rubber products under India’s regional trade agreements
2017/12 Mr. E.R. Muthuselvan 08.05.2017 Dr. Lalitagauri Kulkarni A study on priority sector lending policies in India
2017/13 Ms. Kanchan Anand Ghugre 08.05.2017 Dr. Dilip Kajale Analysing the dairy value chains in India: An inclusiveness, competitiveness and efficiency
2017/14 Ms. Shalaka Sarwate 08.05.2017 Dr. Anurag Asawa Pricing and Distribution Policies of Spectrum
2017/15 Ms. Chavi Jain 08.05.2017 Dr. Dilip Kajale Reforming Indian agriculture through information communication and technology (ICT) and mechanisation
2017/16 Ms. Deepthi Mary Mathew 08.05.2017 Dr. Lalitagauri Kulkarni Currency wars: Impact on emerging economies
2017/18 Mr. Vivek Vishnu Datar 08.05.2017 Dr. Naresh Bodkhe To analyse the impact of macroeconomic factors affecting the growth of industries after economic reforms of 1991
2017/19 Mr. Tushaba Dashrathrao Shinde 08.05.2017 Dr. Naresh Bodkhe Analysis of Indian and Chinese Railway Employee Efficiency on per Capita Productivity, Its Problem and Solutions-Lifeline to become Superpower
2018/01 Mr. Ashutosh Upadhyay 02.05.2018 Dr. K.S. Reddy A Study on Velocity of Circulation of Money, Its Role in Monetary Policy Transmission and Its Impact on Various Economic Indicators
2018/02 Ms. Rashmi Dhongde 02.05.2018 Dr. Atryee Sinha Chakraborty Socio-Economic Impact of TRIPS Agreement ad Allied Laws on Farming and Farmers in Maharashtra
2018/03 Mr. Tarun Khandelwal 02.05.2018 Dr. Ashish Kulkarni Banks and Stock Markets-Growth and Development
2018/04 Mr. Praveen 02.05.2018 Dr. S. Siddhanta Analysis of Socio-Economic Consequences of Surplus Male in India
2018/05 Mr. Shrikant Gangawane 02.05.2018 Dr. Naresh Bodkhe Analysis of the Problem of Disparity in Development of Districts of Maharashtra
2018/06 Mr. Madhav Rangrao Inchure 02.05.2018 Dr. Naresh Bodkhe An Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Socio-Economic Development of Rural Maharashtra
2018/07 Mr. Ajinkya Siddhodhan Gawai 02.05.2018 Prof. K.C. Thaware Persistency of Industrial Underdevelopment of Marathwada Region
2018/08 Mr. S. Veeraputhran 02.05.2018 Dr. K.S. Hari Price Uncertainty and Livelihood Strategies of Small Farmers: The Case of natural Rubber in India
2018/09 Mr. Jyoti Ranjan Nath 02.05.2018 Prof. K.C. Thaware An Evaluation of Determinants of Eco-Tourism Demand in Assam and the Role of Eco-Tourism in Socio-Economic Growth and Development of the State Economy: A Study with Special Reference to Kaziranga National Park
2018/10 Mr. Abhaysingh Jaysingh Chavan 02.05.2018 Dr. Anurag Asawa Value Versus Growth: What Drives Value Premium in the Indian Stock Market
2018/11 Mr. Upananda Pani 02.05.2018 Dr. Ashish Kulkarni Dynamics of Price Behavior and Hedging Effectiveness of Commodity Futures Markets in India
2018/12 Mr. Ashok Dinkar Jaybhaye 02.05.2018 Prof. Anjali Radkar Determinants of Full Immunization and Complete Immunization Coverage in Selected District of Madhya Pradesh
2018/13 Ms. Jyoti Changdeo Gadage 02.05.2018 Dr. Prema Borkar Female Participation in Agriculture Economics Activity – Geographical Perspective with Special Reference to Rural Areas in Maharshtra
2018/14 Mr. Nilesh Narayan Padwal 02.05.2018 Prof. K.C. Thaware Air Pollution and Its Impact on Human Health: An Analysis for Maintaining Air Quality and Healthy Human Life Style