Seminar by Prof. Tarun Kabiraj

Seminar by Prof. Tarun  Kabiraj, ISI, Kolkata.

Subject: On the Choice of R&D Organization

Monday, March 4, 2019 at 4.30 pm in the Seminar Hall of the Institute.


This paper seeks to examine, in the context of Marjit (1991,  Eco. Lett.) and Mukherjee and Marjit (2004, Gr. Dec. Nego.) models, the  effect on the choice of R&D organization if the number of research lab
is chosen by the firms optimally under R&D cooperation. Given the  optimal form of R&D cooperation, the paper further studies the effect of  introducing fee licensing under non-cooperative R&D. We show that our  results substantially differ from those in the existing literature. The  R&D cost, the success probability, and the size of innovation, all these  play a crucial role.