Three-day workshop on the Austrian School of Economics – Last day to apply

The Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics will host a workshop on the Austrian School of Economics conducted by the Centre for Civil Society, New Delhi. Apply here.

Application details: Please fill out this form to apply. Payment details will be shared within two working days after the submission of the application form. They must share proof of payment. 

Important: Admission will be confirmed only after the completion of payment. The number of participants for the workshop has been capped at 45.

The workshop will be conducted in a hybrid manner, with in-person classes and in virtual mode. The program will have two sessions scheduled each day, with each of them being two hours long.

Dates: 6 – 8 July 2022

Fees: ₹ 2,500 per person

Apply here.

The workshop will have the following sessions:

6 July (Wed)Welcome and Introduction to CCSIn-person
A Brief History of the Austrian School of Economics and PraxeologyIn-person
The Socialist Calculation Debate by Kumar AnandIn-person
7 July (Thu)Socratic Discussion: The Use of Knowledge in Society by FA HayekIn-person
Austrian Perspectives on Law and Economics by Dr Shruti RajagopalanOnline [6:00 PM – 8:00 PM]
8 July (Fri)How Markets Work and the Meaning of Competition by Dr Parth J ShahOnline [morning half]
Socratic Discussion: My Idea of a Welfare State by BR ShenoyIn-person
Debrief and CertificationHybrid

Course outcomes

  1. Train students in the fundamentals of the Austrian school of economic thought through certificate-based sessions
  2. Introduce the participants to the Austrian approach to thinking about the economy and social issues
  3. Enable them to use their understanding of the fundamental of the Austrian tradition to analyze and critique monetary, fiscal and competition policies
  4. Introduce the participants to alternative approaches to research in economics

Limited seats are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Students will be awarded certificates of participation. Apply here.


parth j shah

Parth Shah is the Founder and President of the Centre for Civil Society (CCS). He holds a PhD in Economics from Auburn University and has taught at the University of Michigan, JNU, Delhi, and MS University, Vadodara. Parth’s research and advocacy focus on economic freedom, choice, competition in education, property rights approach to the environment and new public management.

shruti rajagopalan

Shruti Rajagopalan is a Senior Research Fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, and a Fellow at the Classical Liberal Institute at NYU School of Law. She leads the Indian political economy research and Emergent Ventures India at Mercatus. Shruti’s broad area of interest is the economic analysis of comparative legal and political systems. 


Kumar Anand, former Director at CCS, is a New Delhi-based economist. He holds an MA in economics from the Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics and is a graduate of the Advanced Austrian Economics Seminar of the Foundation for Economic Education. He has worked with the Asianomics Group and at the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy.