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About the Course

Business growth is not linear and follows a pattern of successive “S-Curves.” Businesses see sharp growth for a few years when the right ingredients are in place. Still, despite doing the same set of things, growth seems to flatten out and returning to consistent, sharp growth becomes hard.

To grow, businesses must break out of the current orbit and find the next orbit or the next “S-curve.” The irony is that what worked well and propelled the business in one orbit often does not work in the next orbit, and businesses must change and do different things to grow. While the need to transition from one S-curve to the next happens regularly in businesses, every such transition is hard.

Programme Faculty

Dr. Anand Deshpande

Founder and Chairman Persistent Systems

A first-generation entrepreneur, Dr. Anand Deshpande is the well-known Founder & Chairman of Persistent Systems, which has been a globally reputed name in IT for over three decades. Headquartered in Pune, it caters to global clientele. He passionately champions the cause of Indian entrepreneurs.

Dr. Ashok Korwar

Growth Consultant

A management consultant and a growth catalyst, Dr. Ashok Korwar has helped companies in the $25 million range grow to the next orbit. He holds a B. Tech from IIT Bombay, a Ph.D. from UCLA and worked as a Professor at IIM Ahmedabad for 10 years. Dr. Korwar was the Advisor to Chairman, Polaris when it grew from $25 million to $250 million in just 7 years.

Course Details

  • Learning Objective
  • Selection process
  • Application Process
  • Timelines

The curated programme offers well-defined learning objectives for every participant, that will add value to their knowledge and business. More importantly, it will set them on the path towards desired growth.

  • At the end of the 11-month program, the participants will be equipped with definite takeaways.
  • They should be able to chart out, in some detail, their growth path to 10 times the current size.
  • Many ideas would have been generated to enable them to grow in a sustainable manner until 10 times the target is achieved.

The Selection for this programme has been divided into quantitative and qualitative parameters. From personal interaction to articulation of business scenario by the applicant, the selection will be driven by different factors will be based on an essay and an interview process.

  • The 1000-word essay submitted by the applicant will be thoroughly scrutinsed.
  • This will be followed by an interview round for each applicant with a distinguished panel.
  • Diversity of the applicants will be an important consideration during the selection process.

Since this is a course designed to assist businesses and business owners at a very specific stage and facing unique challenges, the application process tries to identify the most eligible candidates for the course.

  • Applicants would be expected to submit a 1000-word essay that clearly articulates the details about the current state of the business
  • Motivation for growing the business
  • Challenges that the Company faces and expectations from the course"

Scheduled to commence on March 24, 2023, the application and selection process for this 11-month programme will be implemented through well-defined timelines.

Friday, March 24, 2023 Last day for submitting the application
Saturday, April 03, 2023 List of accepted candidates announced
Second week of April First Session

Course design & details

The 11-month program as a part of Second Orbit offers a diverse set of learnings that add to your business knowledge. Read on to know more.

How many companies will participate in the cohort?
Who can participate?
What is the minimum criteria?
How will the course be organized?

Transform your business today!

Go ahead, enroll for this first-of-its-kind business learning program, driven by experts and prepare to take a business leap that takes you to the next orbit of growth.