Kale Memorial Lecture Series

2020 Eric Maskin

  Year 2020 Speaker : Eric Maskin, Adams University Professor, Harvard University, Nobel Prize Winner in Economics in 2007 Subject…

Year Speaker Title
2020 Prof. ERIC MASKIN “Central Banking: Retrospect and Prospects”
2019 Dr. Y. Venugopal Reddy “An Introduction to Mechanism Design”
2017 Shri N. R. Narayana Murthy “Role of Culture in Economic Growth and in Elimination of Poverty in India”
2016 Prof. Heinz D. Kurz “SECULAR STAGNATION”-Observations on a Recurrent Spectre
2015 Dr. Raghuram Rajan “Global Economic Changes and their implications on Emerging Market Economies (EMEs),especially India”
2014 Erik Dietzenbacher “World Input-Output Database: An Application to India”
2012 R.A.Mashelkar “Innovation Economy: The Challenge and Opportunities”
2010 Subir Gokarn Food Inflation: This time it’s Different
2009 C. B. Bhave Evolution of the Capital Markets And Regulations in INDIA
2008 Prabhat Patnaik Speculation and Growth in Contemporary Capitalism
2007 Partha Chatterrje Democracy and Economic Transformation in India
2006 Kirit S. Parikh Bridging Divides and Reducing Disparities
2005 Utsa Patnaik Poverty and Neo –Liberalism
2004 Hon. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam The evolution of enlightened citizen centric Society (Politics without nobility is similar to a balloon without air )
2003 C. Ranarajan Challenges for Monetary Policy
2002 Jagdish Bhagwati The Globalisation Debate and India’s Economic Reforms
2001 Amaresh Bagchi Fifty Years of Fiscal Federalism in India : An Appraisal
2000 A. Vaidyanathan Poverty and Development Policy
1999 Mihir Rakshit Post-Uruguay Round Trade Negotiations: A Developing Country Perspective
1998 S.Venkitaramanan Dilemmas of Development: The Indian Experience
1997 Vasant Gowarikar Something Happening in India that this Nation Should be proud of
1996 Justice A.M.Ahmadi Constitutional Values and the Indian Ethos
1995 Madhav Gadgil Patenting Life
1994 G.Ram Reddy The Financing of Higher Education in India
1993 Raja J.Chelliah An Essay on Fiscal Deficit
1992 V.Kurien Agricultural and Rural Development in the 1990s and Beyond: What should India Do and Why?
1991 B.S.Minhas Public Versus Private Sector: Neglect of Lessons of Economics in Indian Policy Formulation
1990 D.T.Lakdawala Indian Public Debt
1989 Malcolm S.Adiseshiah Eighth Plan Perspectives
1988 Sukhamoy Chakravarti Development of Development Thinking
1987 K.R.Ranadive Town and Country in Economy in Transition
1986 Manmohan Singh The Quest for Equity in Development
1985 Andre Beteille Equality of Opportunity and the Equal Distribution of Benefits
1984 M.P.Rege Concepts of Justice and Equality in the Indian Tradition
1983 I.G.Patel Inflation – Should it be Cured or Endured?
1982 I.S.Gulati IMF Conditionality and Low Income Countries
1981 V.M.Dandekar Measurement of Poverty
1980 Aloo J. Dastur Problems of Indian Minorities
1979 Tarlok Singh The Planning Process and Public Policy : A Reassessment
1978 J.P.Naik Educational Reform in India : A Historical Review
1977 M.N.Srinivas Science, Technology and Rural Development in India
1976 S.V.Kogekar Revision of the Constitution
1975 Ashok Mitra Growth and Diseconomies
1974 H.K.Paranjape India’s Strategy for Industrial Growth: An Appraisal
1973 K.N.Raj The Politics and Economics of “Intermediate Regimes”
1972 V.V.John Education as Investment
1971 Rajani Kothari Political Economy of Development
1969 J.J.Anjaria Strategy of Economic Development
1968 E.M.S.Namboodripad The Republican Constitution in the Struggle for Socialism
1967 S.L.Kirloskar Universities and the Training of Industrial and Business Management
1966 D.R.Gadgil District Development Planning
1965 Pitambar Pant Decades of Transition – Opportunities and Tasks
1964 M.L.Dantwala Agriculture in a Developing Economy: The Indian Experience (The Impact of Economic Development on the Agricultural Sector)
1963 H.M.Patel The Defence of India
1962 A.Appadorai Dilemma in Modern Foreign Policy
1961 B.N.Ganguli Economic Integration : Regional, National and International
1960 B.Venkatappiah The Role of Reserve Bank of India in the Development of Credit Institutions
1959 K.P.Chattopadhayay Some Approaches to Study of Social Change
1958 V.K.R.V.Rao Some Reflections on the Rate of Saving in Developing Economy
1957 B.K.Maman Financing the Second Five-Year Plan
1956 S.K.Muranjan Reflections on Economic Growth and Progress
1955 P.C.Mahalanobis Some Thoughts on Planning in India
1954 W.R.Natu Public Administration and Economic Development
1953 Laxmanshastri Joshi Indian Nationalism
1952 A.D.Gorwala The Role of the Administrator: Past, Present and Future
1951 M.Venkatrangaiya Competitive and Cooperative Trends in Federalism
1950 R.L.Dey Policy of Protection in India
1949 D.G.Karve Public Administration in Democracy
1948 C.D.Deshmukh Central Banking in India : A Retrospect
1946 J.V.Joshi India’s Sterling Balances
1945 S.R.Deshpande A Statistical Approach to Vital Economic Problems
1944 John Mathai Economic Policy
1943 S.G.Vaze The Formation of Federations
1942 V.L.Mehta A Plea for Planning in Cooperation
1941 A.V.Thakkar The Problem of the Aborigines in India
1940 K.T.Shah The Constituent Assembly
1939 B.R.Ambedkar Federation Versus Freedom
1938 G.S.Ghurye The Social Process
1937 V.G.Kale Modern Tendencies in Economic Thought and Policy
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