Vision, Mission And Objectives Of IQAC

As specified by NAAC, the internal quality assurance systems of HEIs are Self-regulated responsibilities of the higher education institutions, aimed at continuous improvement of quality and achieving academic excellence. Accordingly, the Institute has mechanisms for academic and administrative auditing by adopting quality management strategies in all academic and administrative aspects. The role of IQAC is to be a catalyst point for formulation and adoption of all qualitative frameworks suitable for the Institute. The prime responsibility of IQAC is to initiate, plan and supervise various necessary activities to increase the quality of the education imparted in Gokhale Institute Of Politics And Economics. IQAC facilitates the creation of a learner-centric environment conducive for quality education. As part of procedure to satisfy the same, it arranges for feedback responses from all the stake holders including students, parents, employers, alumni etc. on quality-related institutional parameters.


“To build and ensure a quality culture aimed at all round excellence at the institutional level.”


“To channelize and systematize the procedures and measures of the Institute towards achieving academic excellence.”

“To be the driving force for ushering quality culture and to remove deficiencies and enhance quality in all academic and administrative matters.”


  1. To develop mechanism for improvements in academic and administrative performance.
  2. Promote quality culture in all facets of University’s functioning.
  3. To facilitate the integration of the various activities of the institution and institutionalize the best practices as prescribed by regulatory authorities and also as practiced in peer institutions.
  4. To provide a sound basis for decision making imbibing all the dimensions of service quality to improve institutional functioning.
  5. To act as a change agent in the Institution.
  6. To coordinate and organize quality assurance programmes in the form of seminars, workshops, extension activities etc. involving its stakeholders.