Internal Quality Assurance Cell Policy

Gokhale Institute Of Politics And Economics, since inception in 1930, has earned a distinction for quality research that is instrumental in shaping public policies. The teaching programme is equally sound and after obtaining Deemed University Status in 1993, there has been rapid expansion in the teaching programmes which have diversified into various fields for post graduation’ such as Agriculture, Finance, International Trade and Population and Health Economics’ The courses for each programme are well designed and a multi-disciplinary approach is adopted’ The under graduate programme aims at strengthening the students in the field of economics from a nascent stage.

The main aim of the quality policy of GIPE, is to regularly revise its academic programmes’ so as to adopt a contemporary curriculum, which is a balanced combination of socio-economic theory’ data analysis, role pray exercises, fierd visits and finally clarity in understanding of concepts. The
IQAC thus aims to make the students familiar with empirical realities and analyse any socioeconomic problem. Students are also encouraged to participate in extra curricular activities and inculcate a sPirit of teamwork.

The faculty are also encouraged to undertake research projects and present their findings in seminars. This provides them a platform to brainstorm their research with peers and thus improve the quarity of research. A simirar approach is folrowed for phD students. Thus the IQAC strives for quality improvement through academic strengthening and ethical practices so that teaching and research maintain high standards. Regular seminars from outside experts are also promoted by
IQAC so that faculty get exposure to research in other fields’