Outreach Activities

About Our Outreach Activities

Welcome to the Outreach page of Gokhale Institute, where we showcase our commitment to community engagement and knowledge dissemination. At the heart of our outreach efforts is the National Service Scheme (NSS), where we empower the youth to actively participate in social development initiatives. Through NSS, we foster a sense of responsibility, leadership, and social awareness among our students.

Dhananjayrao Gadgil Research & Development Centre (DGRD) is dedicated to addressing critical issues in rural communities with local participation. We conduct research, implement projects, and collaborate with local stakeholders to improve the quality of life in rural areas.

Our Seminar Series provides a platform for intellectual exchange, featuring experts and thought leaders from across the world who share insights on various subjects including economics. It’s a forum for stimulating discussions and expanding knowledge horizons of students.

The Special Lecture Series is another avenue for learning and inspiration, featuring distinguished speakers who share their expertise and experiences. These special lectures include Kale Memorial Lecture, PR Dubhashi Lecture, Kunda Datar Memorial Lecture and S V Kogekar Memorial Lecture. All these events happen once a year.

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