Artha Vijnana Reprint Series

  1. Regional Planning – A Case Study of Marathwada Region by Sulabha Brahme, Kumud Pore, S. H. Pore, 1975
  2. Socio-Economic Change During Three Five-Year Plans (Based on a study of Rural Communities during 1953-1966) by Kumudini Dandekar and Vaijayanti Bhate, 1976
  3. Income, Saving and Investment in Agriculturally Progressive Areas in Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra State (1969-70 to 1971-72) by M. P. Khare, 1977
  4. Regional Input-Output Matrices India 1965 by P. Venkatramaiah, A. R. Kulkarni and Latika Argade, 1980
  5. Economic Benefits of Rural Electrification in Maharashtra – A Study of Four Districts by A. K. Mitra and S. W. Muranjan, 1981
  6. A Structural Study of India’s Trade Dependence (1956-75) by S. V. Bokil, Vidya Pitre and R. Murty, 1982
  7. Growth Cycles in the Indian Economy by V. S. Chitre, 1982
  8. Structural Changes in Indian Economy: An Analysis with Input-Output Tables, 1951-63 by P. Venkatramaiah, A. R. Kulkarni and Latika Argade, 1984
  9. Role of Small Scale Industries in the Process of Industrialization in Pune and Aurangabad Districts of Maharashtra State: Report on a Study carried out under the Indo-Dutch Programme of Alternatives of Development by V. S. Patwardhan, 1985
  10. Quarterly Prediction of Reserve Money Multiplier and Money Stock in India: A Study prepared for the Committee to review the working of the Monetary System set up by the Reserve Bank of India by V. S. Chitre, 1986
  11. Income Inequality in East Europe by B. Debroy, 1986
  12. Family Welfare and M.C.H.Programme: Rural Nasik District 1984-85 by Vaijayanti Bhate and K. S. Srikantan, 1987
  13. Management of Social Forestry in Maharashtra by S. W. Muranjan, 1987
  14. Planning and Management of Surface Irrigation in Drought Prone Areas by Ashok K.Mitra, 1987
  15. Open Economy Macroeconomics and its Relevance to India (Selected Papers presented at the Workshop organised at Pune during 15th – 17th March 1990), 1991
  16. Appraisal of Watershed Development Programme Across Regions in India by R. S. Deshpande and A. Narayanamoorthy, 2000
  17. Economic Development of the Scheduled Castes with Special Reference to Agricultural Landless Labourers (Selected papers presented at the Workshop organised jointly with the Department of Social Welfare, Government of Maharashtra, at Pune during March 16-17, 2001), 2003