Notes for Contributors

Papers submitted to the Artha Vijnana should be original contributions and should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere at the same time. All submissions and correspondence should be addressed to the Managing Editor, Artha Vijnana, Gokhale Institute Of Politics And Economics, BMCC Road, Pune 411004, India. Submissions of electronic versions of papers are welcome at the following email address:

Submissions which do not conform to the journal’s Style Sheet may be returned to respective authors for necessary revisions before publication.

Authors vest or license copyright in their articles including abstracts in the Gokhale Institute Of Politics And Economics. Authors may, of course, use the published material elsewhere provided prior permission is obtained from the Gokhale Institute Of Politics And Economics.

Style Sheet

  • The manuscript should include a separate page(s) for title of the paper, the institutional affiliation(s) of the author(s) and acknowledgements and related matter, if any.
  • The manuscript should be accompanied by an abstract of not more than 100 words. Footnotes should be numbered consecutively and should appear at the bottom of the corresponding pages.
  • References should come at the end of the manuscript.
  • The mathematical formulae and equations should be clearly written and numbered consecutively in the manuscript.
  • Graphs, charts, etc., should be neatly drawn and presented; preferably art work or laser print of the same should be sent.
  • Tables and graphs should be numbered consecutively and not according to the section in which they appear.
  • Referencing in the text: Name of the author and year of publication are to be cited in brackets. For example: (Roy, 1973)
  • Referencing in the References List: Names of the authors should be arranged according to the alphabetical order of surnames. The writing of references should follow the usual norms.

Example: Books

Chow, G.C. (1957), Demand for Automobiles in the United States: A Study of Consumer Durables, Amsterdam, North Holland.

Rothwell, R. and W. Zegveld (1982), Innovation and the Small and Medium Sized Firm, Frances Printer, London.

Example: Papers

Leibenstein, H. and S. Maital (1992), Empirical Estimation and Partitioning of X-efficiency: Data Envelopment Approach, American Economic Review82 (2), pp. 428-433.

Notes for Publishers

For favour of review in Artha Vijnana, the publishers should send copies of the book / report / monograph to the Managing Editor. Artha Vijnana does not guarantee the review of all complementary / review copies received. Two off-prints of published review will be sent to the concerned publisher.