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Established by the Union Ministry of Food and Agriculture at the Institute in 1954, the AERC has contributed to major research studies in Agricultural Economy of India. Over the past seven decades, the AERC has completed over 200 studies, notably in the field of Farm Business Survey, Irrigation, Watershed Management, Rural Electrification, Village Surveys, Rural Credit, Agricultural Tenancy, Co-operation, Droughts and Famines, Crop Insurance, Agricultural Marketing, Agricultural Exports, Poverty Alleviation, etc., for the Central and the State governments, as well as for institutions such as NABARD. The Centre is credited with pioneering research on the economics of irrigation, which has contributed towards better understanding of the concept of irrigation potential and its utilization. Similarly, its studies on Watershed Development have contributed significantly to research in soil and water conservation, and in sustainable development.

Some of the recent studies undertaken by the AERC include studies on

  • Agricultural Policy in Maharashtra
  • Bt Cotton Cultivation in Maharashtra
  • Evaluation of National Watershed Development Projects for Rainfed Areas
  • Macro Management of Agriculture Schemes
  • Declining Productivity in Important Crops
  • Evaluation of Livestock Development in Maharashtra
  • Threats and Opportunities under the WTO Regime
  • Diversification of Agriculture through Horticulture Development Programmes
  • Growth and Prospects of Agro-Processing Industries in Maharashtra
  • Determinants of Stagnation in Productivity of Important Crops in Maharashtra
  • Evaluation of Comprehensive District Agriculture Plan (C-DAP) of eight districts in Maharashtra
  • Evaluation of Prime Minister’s Rehabilitation Package for Farmers in Suicide Prone Districts of Maharashtra
  • Assessment of Biogas Availability for Biomass Power Generation in Maharashtra
  • Impact of NREGA on Wage Rates, Cost of Production, Food Security and Rural Urban Migration
  • Comprehensive State Agricultural Plan of Maharashtra State
  • Assessment of Policy Interventions in Agri-Business and Allied Sectors Credit versus Credit Plus Approach for Livelihood Promotion
  • Innovative Financing for Agriculture and Food Value Chains in India
  • Impact Assessment of the Implementation of the Revival Package for Short –Term Co-operative Credit Structure (STCCS) in Bihar, Karataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra

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1. Assessment of Ratio of Different Forms of Spices being Marketed : Study based on Ginger and Turmeric – Sangeeta Shroff, December 2020

2. Village Survey Study – Jayanti Kajale & Amruta Suryavanshi, March 2021

3. Relevance and Distribution Efficiency of Seed Minikits of Pulses in Maharashtra – Deepak Shah, March 2021

4. Improving Water Use Efficiency in India’s Agriculture : The Benefits, Impact and Challenges of Micro Irrigation under Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana : Per Drop More Crop (PMKSY-PDMC) in Maharashtra, Sangeeta Shroff & Varun Miglani

  1. Farmer Suicides in Maharashtra
  2. Impact of Neem-coated Urea on Production, Productivity and Soil Health in India – A case of Surarcane and Tur in Selected Districts of Maharashtra
  3. Impact Study on Agricultural Extension Services to famers By Agri-Clinics and Agri Business Centres (ACABCs Scheme) in Maharashtra
  1. The Relationship between Wholesale Prices, Retail Prices, Export Prices and Realized by the Farmers for Grape and Onion in Maharashtra
  2. Evaluation of CS-Central Sheep Breeding Farm, Hissar
  1. Assessment of Pre and Post-Harvest Losses in Tur and Soyabean Crops in Maharashtra
  2. Assessment of Crop-wise Marketable and Marketed Surplus of Major Food grains and Post-Harvest Losses in Maharashtra
  3. Problems and Prospects of Soyabean Cultivation in Maharashtra

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