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The Dhananjayarao Gadgil Centre for Sustainable Village Development has been started on 10th of April 2016.with a vision to excel in the Village Sustainability. The activities of the Centre are monitored by Prof. Kailas Bavale, Director of the Centre. Mission of the Centre:
  • Knowledge, College and Village collaboration for sustainability of both College and Villages
  • Imparting developmental education among higher education Institutions for making higher education more applied oriented as well as relevant in the process of sustainable Development.
  • Preparing holistic and composite developmental approach for existing higher education institutions taking in to account present objectives of higher education i.e. Teaching, Research and Extension.
  • Intensive use of digital technology for social transformation towards holistic development of villages.
  • To aware grass root village Panchayat about bottom up micro planning and execution through lead college of that area.
  • To study model villages for developing different models of sustainability for villages in different regions of state.
  • Conducting research and imparting training in the field of sustainable economic development.
In order to accomplish the above mission, the Centre in collaboration with NGOs working at grass roots level, has taken up various activities such as orientation programmes, Lectures by eminent persons and dissemination of knowledge and information at the village level.

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