Post Graduate

MSc Economics (Financial Economics)

The M.Sc. in Financial Economics course is a distinct program  specifically designed top rovide the students with profound, comprehensive and industry relevant knowledge of financial economics complete with the training in analytic and quantitative methods.The course constitutes a rigorous training in a 360 degree range of subjects including time series

Econometrics, Computational Finance with R, Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, Macroeconomics and Financial Regulations, International Finance, Project Appraisal, Mergersand Acquisitions, Commercial Banking and Financial Institutions along with foundational courses like Accountancy and Financial Statement Analysis and Corporate Finance.

The M.Sc. in Financial Economics provides special modules on Financial Econometrics,Computational Finance and Financial Modelling and Valuation. The students are equipped with core skills and robust knowledge of the techniques used to analyze financial and monetary issues and the ability to apply them for analytical work on financial markets.

To complement this, students learn how to use econometric software packages like STATA, E views and R to assist with data analysis. The course provides the educational inputs to develop the ability to apply quantitative analytical techniques, the facility to use spreadsheets and econometric techniques to analyze corporate sector problems and financial markets, ability to appraise investment projects with capital budgeting techniques, understanding of a variety off inancial institutions and regulations, understanding of key financial decisions by corporations,training to prepare equity research reports, financial modelling and valuation.

This is course a distinctive program keeping in line with the Gokhale Institute tradition of underpinning theoretical knowledge with quality training in the analysis, use, and interpretation of economic data to practical problems of industry and financial sector.

Syllabus M.Sc. (FE)