Post Graduate

MSc Economics

M.Sc. (Economics) is a two year post graduate program, which blends economic theory with its empirical application in a balanced way to enhance the understanding of economic policies at the national and international level. The program focuses on Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Public Policy and International Trade and Finance. The course curriculum provides dedicated teaching in sixteen advanced compulsory courses and four elective courses.The Institute provides an interesting portfolio of twelve optional courses. The syllabi of the courses are designed and updated in such a way, so that the students master the art of application of the subject in real world situations. The rigorous evaluation process ensures proper testing of students’ capabilities.

Training in advanced econometrics and its application through hands on software training is a key feature of the program. In addition, the curriculum offers many other inter-disciplinary areas that widen the opportunities of students to frontier research. They are well trained to build simple theoretical models, initiate empirical research, and evaluate findings. The meticulous and advanced two year program serves as an excellent foundation for finding a career in the corporate sector, research and academics.

Syllabus M.Sc. (Economics)