Post Graduate

MSc Economics (International Business Economics & Finance)

This new programme to be offered from the academic year 2016-17 is a unique course designed for careers in international trade, foreign portfolio investment, foreign direct investment, international technical/financial collaboration and joint ventures, international finance and portfolio management, etc. In addition to the learning of advanced economic theory and its applications, the curricular structure of the programme is designed to provide critical learning in the domain of international trade policy, practices and regulations, international corporate finance, international economic institutions, etc.

In addition the Institute is also likely to conduct some workshops on the topics related to International Trade and Finance as add-on-benefits . The following workshops are generally conducted:

1) Financial modelling and Computational Finance
2) Trade Data Analysis
3) Fundamental Linkages of International Finance & Capital Markets

Please note the Institute deserves the right to decide the exact time line (semester wise) to offer the workshops and even not to offer the same under some unavoidable circumstances. Once offered they are compulsory for IBE&F students and certificates (if issued) will be given only after successful completion.

Syllabus M.Sc. (IBEF)