Post Graduate

MA (Economics)

The Master of Arts in Economics program is a two-year full-time postgraduate programme that offers theoretical knowledge in addition to training on tools required for empirical research and analysis to evaluate the economy and policy. It blends economics with other social science disciplines, namely, civics and politics, to develop a holistic understanding of the political economy.

The M.A. is distinct from the M.Sc. program in that, the former includes interdisciplinary courses such as Indian Economy, Public Economics, Political Development of Indian Economy, Indian Political System, Public Administration and Policy.

The two courses in research methodology aim to develop research aptitude among students, further aided by the Quantitative Aptitude course. Teaching in elementary Statistics, Mathematics and Econometrics courses further helps the students in the empirical analysis of socio-economic phenomena.

The sixteen compulsory courses and four elective courses offered in this program, accompanied by rigorous evaluation, are aimed to prepare the students for Civil Services and other competitive examinations. It also equips students with skills required for research and teaching positions.

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