Post Graduate

MSc Economics (Public Policy)

M.Sc. in Public Policy ( MPP) program, a new program from the academic year 2023-24, is a two-year full-time post-graduate programme. This programme offers theoretical and practical knowledge in Public Policy. It offers an opportunity in understanding problems in public policy framing, and conducting robust, applied and impactful study that influences public policy. This programme will give the students a keen understanding of theoretical issues in public policy, and its relationship with empirical research evidences that significantly influences the public policy process, such as ideologies and institutions. Students in this programme will be able to design research problems, and undertake a range of policy-relevant studies, and conduct research to the highest standards. This programme offers versatile skills that will be very useful to policymakers, researchers, and academicians. In this programme the studnets are exposed to Soft skill development: presentation and communication (oral and written) , impact of public policy on primary, seconday and tertiary sectors in select advanced and emerging market and project management. In the end the students are required to present assignments on the case study writing on impact analysis of public policy, evidence-based policy evaluation, project assignment , field work, dissertation. It is thus a distinct programme from other M.Sc. programmes.

Syllabus M.Sc. (Public Policy)