Library Collection

Presently, the Library possesses around 2,80,000 documents covering all branches of knowledge. This includes bound volumes of 1875 journal titles, about 400 unpublished theses and dissertations and CDs, maps, etc. Besides books, the Library also receives 375 periodical titles. Some of the special collections of this library are listed below.

  1. Serial Publications: Serials section of the Library consists of around 52,000 publications which include annual administrative reports, serially published reports, annual conference volumes and other such publications which come out serially once in a year or two.
  2. Rare Books: Library has more than 5,000 rare books that are published from 1680 to 1940. The oldest book from this library is “Works of the famous Nicholas Machiavel citizen and secretary of Florence” by Machiavel, Nicholas published in 1680. All the rare books of this library are digitized and accessible from the Institutional Repository.
  3. Parliamentary / Legislative Council Debates: Rare collection of old British Parliamentary Papers of 18th and 19th centuries and Proceedings of Legislatures in India, both Central and States, including that of provincial states. Reports and resolutions of Indian National Congress from 1885 onwards (58 volumes).
  4. Budgets: Union budgets rights from 1799-1805 and 1874-75 to till date, the budgets of princely and provincial states of pre-independence period and unbroken series of the budgets of state governments after the formation of states on linguistic basis.
  5. Census publications: Census Publications of Government of India and States are available right from 1872, i.e. from first Census of India to till date that forms a very valuable part of collection. National and international family health survey reports, fertility and mortality survey reports, etc. This collection also includes policy documents on family planning and publications describing genealogy of different families of Maharashtra.
  6. Committee and Commission Reports: Large collection of reports of various Commissions and Committees appointed by the Government of India, U.K., U.S. etc. Most of the Indian reports are pertaining to Indian economy and planning in India. There are reports of major educational committees and commissions, policy documents, economics of education and history of education
  7. Depository Collection: Publications of the United Nations and its specialized agencies, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the European Community and also the Government of Canada.
  8. Gazetteers and Gazettes: Collection of Gazetteers of most of the princely states and provinces of India during and after the pre-independence period. Library also possesses Govt. of Maharashtra Gazettes from 1960 onwards.
  9. World Economics: Complete collection of EXIM Bank Occasional Paper Series, Essays in International Finance Series and Princeton Papers in International Finance Series of the Princeton University, Research papers of International Food Policy Research Institute, World Watch papers of World Watch Institute, OECD Development Centre, Institute of Economics, etc.
  10. Grey Literature: Collection built from more than 60 organisations that include working papers/discussion papers, occasional papers etc. of various national and international research institution, universities, and agencies