29th Convocation of Gokhale Institute Of Politics And Economics

Gokhale Institute Of Politics And Economics Marks a Grand Success with Twenty-Ninth Convocation

Pune is a melting pot of ideas and knowledge: Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan

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Gokhale Institute Of Politics And Economics, Pune, celebrated its 29th Annual Convocation with great pomp on October 7, 2023. The Convocation was held in the Kale Memorial Hall, located within the Library Building. It was a momentous occasion as degrees were conferred upon more than 300 students, filling both the Institute and the graduating class with immense pride.

The ceremony was graced by the presence of Honourable Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, Union Minister for Education, Skill Development, and Entrepreneurship, who was the Chief Guest for the occasion. The event was also dignified by the attendance of Honourable Shri Chandrakantdada Patil, Minister for Higher and Technical Education, Maharashtra, and Trustees of the Servants of India Society, Secretary Shri Milind Deshmukh and Trustee Shri Ramakant Lenka along with several other distinguished individuals.

The programme commenced with a captivating performance by Ibaadat, the Institute’s Music band. Their enchanting melodies resonated with the audience and evoked a sense of nostalgia and excitement. The songs presented by Ibaadat not only stirred the hearts but also painted a vivid landscape of memories and emotions. Followed by their performance a soulful rendition of Saraswati Vandana was also presented.

Dr Ajit Ranade, the Vice-Chancellor of Gokhale Institute, delivered the opening remarks. He extended a warm welcome to the Chief Guest, Guest of Honor, and other esteemed dignitaries who graced the occasion. Dr Ranade invoked a peace mantra from the Taittiriya Upanishad, emphasizing the Institute’s commitment to nurturing a culture of intellectual discourse and collaboration. He briefly touched upon the rich history of Gokhale Institute and highlighted the transformative changes India is undergoing across various sectors. He concluded his address by congratulating the graduating cohort on their remarkable journey.

A significant moment during the Convocation was the release of the book titled “Chronicles of an Academic Citadel,” authored by Prof. P.N. Rath and Prof. Naseeb Benjamin.

The valedictorian address for the BSc program was delivered by Anshi Pandey. In her speech, she reflected upon the swift passage of time during the three-year academic journey. She expressed gratitude to the professors and all individuals who enriched her academic experience. Acknowledging the unique bonds formed with her batchmates, she encouraged everyone to face the uncertainties of the future with strength and determination.

In his address, Hon. Shri Chandrakantdada Patil commended the humility of the Vice-Chancellor despite his intellectual prowess. He elaborated on the Ahimsa path adopted by Shri Gopal Krishna Gokhale and his commitment to advancing the Independence Struggle through relevant means. He also highlighted the valuable research conducted by Gokhale Institute, including a survey on farmer distress. Furthermore, he enumerated the Institute’s significant contributions in areas such as social exclusion, farmer welfare, rural development, and healthcare.

The Chief Guest, Hon. Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, began his address by congratulating the graduates. He emphasized the importance of new responsibilities, learning, and personal growth. Commending GIPE as “a melting pot of ideas”, he underscored the 21st century as the century of knowledge. He also emphasized the role of GIPE as a laboratory that played a pivotal role in India’s post-independence development. Highlighting Pune’s historical significance and its role in India’s civilizational ethos, he emphasized the need for students to embrace challenges and adapt to the rapidly changing world. He encouraged them to prove their competence in the face of life’s challenges.

Hon. Shri Dharmendra Pradhan highlighted the multidisciplinary nature of education under the National Education Policy, 2020, and urged students not to think in isolation but to contribute to society’s aspirations. He stressed upon the importance of qualitative economic growth and knowledge empowerment. He concluded his address by congratulating all the students and inspired them to uplift society as they begin their professional journeys.

The event concluded with the ceremonial handing over of degrees, symbolizing the culmination of years of hard work and dedication. Col. Kapil Jodh delivered a heartfelt vote of thanks, expressing profound gratitude to the dignitaries, faculty, staff, and all those who worked diligently behind the scenes to make the Annual Convocation Program a resounding success.

The 29th Annual Convocation Program of Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics was a celebration of academic excellence, knowledge, and the promise of a brighter future for the graduating students. The distinguished dignitaries, inspiring speeches, and heartfelt moments made this convocation a truly memorable and uplifting experience.