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Placement – Process

The on-campus placement process at GIPE is professionally organized and provides recruiting organization with a platform to recruit students for Internship as well as regular employment.

The process which has evolved over the years with inputs from the placement cell, the recruiting organizations and the students, seeks to optimize the interests of all stakeholders in the placement process.

Visibility on Campus

The academic ethos at GIPE provides various forums to prospective recruiters to associate with the Institute and its students. During the course of the academic year, the Institute organizes various student-led co-curricular activities. GIPE encourages recruiting organizations to collaborate through sponsorship, co-sponsorship of events such as seminars/ workshops/conferences/invited lectures, etc. and develop closer rapport with faculty and students.

Pre – Placement Talk

Pre Placement Talk is encouraged to make the students aware of the recruiting organization, especially the job profile, opportunities for growth, remuneration offered, etc. It provides the students with an opportunity to learn more about the history, accomplishments, prospects, work culture, etc. of the recruiting organization by directly interacting with professionals from that organization.


The Placement cell shall arrange to submit students’ resumes to the companies, in the GIPE format, unless specified otherwise.


The recruiting organizations are required to submit the shortlist of qualifying students to the placement coordinatorin advance.

On Campus Recruiting

Prior to arrival on campus, the companies are requested to inform the Placement Coordinator about the modalities of the recruitment procedure to be followed by them.

Maximum Placement Opportunity

Students areeligible for only one placement opportunity through the GIPE campus recruitment process.Once a student is selected, he/she shall not be considered for subsequent placement opportunities.

Placement committees

Placement Coordinator
Dr. Hemangi More+91-9970187315placement@gipe.ac.in
Faculty Coordinators
M.Sc. (Economics)Dr. Prashant Bansode prashantpb@gipe.ac.in
M.Sc. (Financial Economics)Dr. Lalitagauri Kulkarnilalitakulkarni@gipe.ac.in
M.Sc. (Agribusiness Economics)Dr. Dilip Kajalekajaledilip27@gmail.com
M.Sc. (International Business Economics & Finance)Dr.Atreyee Sinha Chakrabortysinhaatr@gipe.ac.in


RoleNameEmail Id
PresidentVishrant Pachisiavishrant.ae22@gipe.ac.in
Vice PresidentYukti Rawatyukti.ibef22@gipe.ac.in
Social Media HeadHarsh Gandhiharshg.ibef22@gipe.ac.in
General SecretaryKhushboo Bansalkhushboo.fe22@gipe.ac.in
TreasurerOsheen Sharmaosheen.eco22@gipe.ac.in
Event HeadMansimar Bedimansimar.ibef22@gipe.ac.in
Content HeadVedant Deshpandevedant.eco22@gipe.ac.in
PR and Outreach HeadBhanu Sharmabhanu.pshe22@gipe.ac.in
PR and Outreach HeadNitinnitin.pshe22@gipe.ac.in
Tech HeadSukrit Sharmasukrit.ae22@gipe.ac.in
Hospitality HeadBhavya Kotharibhavya.ma22@gipe.ac.in
Senior Placement CoordinatorShreya Agrawalshreyaa.ae22@gipe.ac.in
Senior Placement CoordinatorSarthak Hirekhansarthak.ma22@gipe.ac.in
Senior Placement CoordinatorHarshada Gavandarharshada.ma22@gipe.ac.in
Senior Placement CoordinatorAyush Tiwariayush.ibef22@gipe.ac.in
Senior Placement CoordinatorMayur Chiplunkarmayur.ibef22@gipe.ac.in
Senior Placement CoordinatorIravan Rathiravan.fe22@gipe.ac.in
Senior Placement CoordinatorNikhil Bishtnikhil.fe22@gipe.ac.in
Senior Placement CoordinatorTanisha Gargtanisha.fe22@gipe.ac.in
Senior Placement CoordinatorPratik Gorepratik.fe22@gipe.ac.in
Senior Placement CoordinatorKhushi Kalrakhushi.ma22@gipe.ac.in
Senior Placement CoordinatorShruti Sharmashruti.ibef22@gipe.ac.in
Senior Placement CoordinatorArpita Tiwariarpita.ae22@gipe.ac.in

Past Recruiters