List of registered research scholars in the doctoral program

Sr. No. Registration No. Name of the Scholar Registration Date Principal Supervisor Title of the Thesis
1 2014/02 Ms. Surabhi Jaju 06.05.2014 Dr. K.C. Thaware Economics of Water Management, Recycling and Reuse in Maharashtra
2 2014/04 Ms. Santhi N.S. 15.05.2014 Dr. R. Nagarajan Understanding the Changes in Child Sex Ratio in Tamil Nadu: An Exploratory Study of Two Districts
3 2015/04 Ms. Saylee Jog 06.05.2015 Dr. Jayanti Kajale Analysis of Urban Land Markets in India
4 2015/05 Ms. Meenu Makhani 06.05.2015 Dr. Naresh Bodkhe Valuation of Disability and Computation of Compensation in Motor Vehicle Accidents in Pune City: A Critical Analysis
5 2015/11 Ms. Sayali Ahutosh Ganu-Dabake 15.05.2015 Prof. Rajas Parchure Remedies for Breach of Contract in India
6 2016/02 Mr. Saugata Bhattacharya 25.02.2016 Prof. Rajas Parchure An Empirical Assessment of Asymmetric Transmission of RBI Monetary Policy Rate to Bank Lending Rates
7 2016/03 Ms. Monica Hannah Dias 26.02.2016 Dr. Anjali Radkar Economic evaluation of non-state sector engagement in TB care: Partnerships andmodels for equitable access
8 2016/06 Mr. K.C. Supekar 29.02.2016 Dr. Dilip Kajale Study on Growth of Cooperative Dairy Industry in India and Its Role in Improvement in Rural Livelihood
9 2016/10 Mr. Aniruddha More 08.03.2016 Prof. Rajas Parchure Innovations for Sustainable Agriculture
10 2016/13 Ms. P. Bhanumati 08.03.2016 Dr. Kakali Mukhopadhyay Essays on the Construction of Supply Use Tables at the Sub-National Level
11 2016/14 Mr. Devidas Vishwanath Palve 10.03.2016 Dr. Lalitagauri Kulkarni Role of Urban SHGs in Financial Inclusion with Respect to Economic Efficiency and Social Effectiveness: An Evidence from Urban SHGs in PMC (Pune Municipal Corporation)
12 2016/15 Mr. Vijay Prakash Misra 11.03.2016 Dr. K.C. Thaware Banking Efficiency in the Post-Liberalization Period in India: An Investigation of Drivers and Determinants
13 2016/18 Mr. Vaibhav Eknath Tandale 14.03.2016 Dr. Suddhasil Siddhanta Wealth Inequality and Economic Development in Maharashtra: An Explorative Study
14 2016/19 Ms. Jyoti Saha 14.03.2016 Dr. Atreyee Sinha Chakraborty Migration and wellbeing
15 2017/01 Mr. Ashish Arun Andhale 08.05.2017 Dr. Naresh Bodkhe Infrastructure and development: A district level analysis of interrelation with reference to agriculture and human development in Maharashtra
16 2017/02 Ms. Moumita Paul 08.05.2017 Dr. K.S. Reddy Looking beyond quantitative easing
17 2017/03 Mr. Shailesh Bharati 08.05.2017 Prof. Deepak Shah Analysis of edible oils and pulses consumption in India
18 2017/05 Mr. Ishan Jagdish Janbandhu 08.05.2017 Dr. Anurag Asawa Cost benefit analysis of alcohol prohibition policy in one Indian State
19 2017/06 Ms. Dibyangana Chakraborty 08.05.2017 Dr. Anjali Radkar Socio-economic impacts of rubber plantation on the livelihoods of tribal shifting cultivators of North-East India
20 2017/07 Mr. Sachin Kisan Kadam 08.05.2017 Dr. Dilip Kajale Price behavior and value chain of pigeon pea in India
21 2017/10 Mr. Praphul K. Varkeychen 08.05.2017 Dr. K.S. Hari Socio Economic and Nutritional Status of Scheduled Tribes in Kerala
22 2017/13 Ms. Kanchan Anand Ghugre 08.05.2017 Dr. Dilip Kajale Urbanisation, Agriculture and Labour Market Development in Semi-Arid Region: A case study of Hyderabad
23 2017/14 Ms. Shalaka Sarwate 08.05.2017 Dr. Amruta Suryawanshi Performance of Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana and Its impact on the farmers of Madhya Pradesh
24 2017/15 Ms. Chavi Jain 08.05.2017 Dr. Dilip Kajale Reforming Indian agriculture through information communication and technology (ICT) and mechanisation
25 2017/16 Ms. Deepthi Mary Mathew 08.05.2017 Dr. Pooja Thakur Currency wars: Impact on emerging economies
26 2017/19 Mr. Tushaba Dashrathrao Shinde 08.05.2017 Dr. Anurag Asawa Analysis of Indian and Chinese Railway Employee Efficiency on per Capita Productivity, Its Problem and Solutions-Lifeline to become Superpower
27 2017/20 Ms. Yamini Agarwal Sep-19 Dr. Naresh Bodkhe Contemporary issues in primary healthcare policis of India: Special reference to mohalla clinics of Delhi
28 2018/01 Mr. Ashutosh Upadhyay 02.05.2018 Dr. K.S. Reddy A Study on Velocity of Circulation of Money, Its Role in Monetary Policy Transmission and Its Impact on Various Economic Indicators
29 2018/03 Mr. Tarun Khandelwal 02.05.2018 Dr. Ashish Kulkarni Banks and Stock Markets-Growth and Development
30 2018/04 Mr. Praveen 02.05.2018 Dr. Suddhasil Siddhanta Marriage Squeeze in Indian Population A Theoretical and Empirical Study
31 2018/06 Mr. Madhav Rangrao Inchure 02.05.2018 Dr. Prema Borkar An Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Village Development: A Case Study of Adopted Villages in Aurangabad District
32 2018/07 Mr. Ajinkya Siddhodhan Gawai 02.05.2018 Prof. K.C. Thaware Persistency of Industrial Underdevelopment of Marathwada Region
33 2018/08 Mr. S. Veeraputhran 02.05.2018 Dr. K.S. Hari Price Uncertainty and Livelihood Strategies of Small Farmers: The Case of natural Rubber in India
34 2018/09 Mr. Jyoti Ranjan Nath 02.05.2018 Prof. K.C. Thaware An Evaluation of Determinants of Eco-Tourism Demand in Assam and the Role of Eco-Tourism in Socio-Economic Growth and Development of the State Economy: A Study with Special Reference to Kaziranga National Park
35 2018/10 Mr. Abhaysingh Jaysingh Chavan 02.05.2018 Dr. Anurag Asawa Value Versus Growth: What Drives Value Premium in the Indian Stock Market
36 2018/11 Mr. Upananda Pani 02.05.2018 Dr. Neha Dhanawade Dynamics of Price Behavior and Hedging Effectiveness of Commodity Futures Markets in India
37 2018/12 Mr. Ashok Dinkar Jaybhaye 02.05.2018 Prof. Anjali Radkar Determinants of Full Immunization and Complete Immunization Coverage in Selected District of Madhya Pradesh
38 2018/13 Ms. Jyoti Changdeo Gadage 02.05.2018 Dr. Prema Borkar Female Participation in Agricultural Economic Activity – A Geographical Perspective with Special Reference to Rural Areas n Maharshtra
39 2018/14 Mr. Nilesh Narayan Padwal 02.05.2018 Dr. Atreyee Sinha Chakraborty An economic analysis of energy use pattern of tribal households in Maharashtra and its consequences on human health
40 PhD201901 Ms. Ajita Vijay Pandit 03.05.2019 Dr. Lalitagauri Kulkarni Study of Empirical Performance of Option valuation models: A cross country analysis.
41 PhD201902 Ms. Anandita Ghosh 03.05.2019 Dr. Lalitagauri Kulkarni Analysing the scope of digitalization in the Financial Inclusion Ecosystem
42 PhD201903 Ms. Apoorva Lalwani 03.05.2019 Dr. Vinni Sivanandan Exploring the Pathways for Dropout Rates among Children
43 PhD201904 Mr. Baldev Singh Kulaste 03.05.2019 Prof. Anjali Radkar Nutrition Transition and Dual Burden of Malnutrition in India
44 PhD201905 Ms. Diya Tanmay Devare 03.05.2019 Dr. Savita Kulkarni Patterns and Determinants of Female Labour Force Participation in Metropolitan Cities of India
45 PhD201906 Ms. Jayashree Dattaprasad Deshpande 03.05.2019 Dr. Prashant Bansode Are Smart Cities Inclusive and Sustainable? A Sociological Study with Respect to City of Pune
46 PhD201907 Ms. Madhurima Ghosh 03.05.2019 Dr. Neha Dhanawade Mental Health Insurance
47 PhD201908 Ms. Mehr Kaur 03.05.2019 Dr. Suddhasil Siddhanta A Theoretical Synthesis of Structural Transformation Response to Demographic Transition
48 PhD201909 Ms. Ninawari Dilip Ware 03.05.2019 Dr. Savita Kulkarni A Critical Review of Initiatives Taken to Universalize Education in India
49 PhD201910 Mr. Nitin Maske 03.05.2019 Dr. Pooja Thakur Addressing Disparity In Social Infrastructure:
Evidences From District Level Indices On Education And Health In Maharashtra
50 PhD201911 Mr. Pranav Raj 03.05.2019 Dr. K.S. Reddy Economics of Crime: Essays on Crime and Economic Growth with reference to the state of Bihar
51 PhD201913 Mr. Purbash Nayak 03.05.2019 Dr. Suddhasil Siddhanta Sex Ratios and the Discourse of Violence – Evidence from India
52 PhD201914 Mr. Rajat Singh Yadav 03.05.2019 Dr. Pooja Thakur Financial Inclusion and Credit Related Interventions for Inclusive Growth
53 PhD201915 Mr. Rajratna Suresh Kosambi 03.05.2019 Dr. Prashant Bansode Seasonal Adivasi Labor Migration in Nandurbar: Mapping Various Trends of Migration, Returns, Work Conditions and Quality of Life
54 PhD201916 Mr. Ravi Vishwas Gitte 03.05.2019 Dr. Ashish Kulkarni Analysis of Agricultural Household Debt in Maharashtra
55 PhD201917 Ms. Rutuja Purohit 03.05.2019 Prof. Rajas Parchure Labor Laws On Social Security: Their Enforcement and Management in Automobile Industry Housed In Vicinity of Pune (Maharashtra)”
56 PhD201918 Ms. Sakshi Juneja 03.05.2019 Dr. K.S. Reddy Analysis of Non-Performing Assets in Indian Banking Industry
57 PhD201919 Ms. Shivani Balasaheb Bankar 03.05.2019 Dr. Pooja Thakur Regional Disparities and Measurement of Poverty
58 PhD201920 Ms. Sunanda B V 03.05.2019 Prof. Rajas Parchure A Study of Elective Vehicles Market and Feebate Policy in Bengaluru Urban Area
59 PhD201921 Ms. Surender Kaur 03.05.2019 Prof. Rajas Parchure Empirical Regularities In Long Run stock price Behaviour
60 PhD201922 Mr. Sushant Malik 03.05.2019 Dr. Amruta Suryawanshi Economic & Social Impact Assessment of Farmer Producer Organisations (FPO’s) in Maharashtra
61 PhD201923 Mr. Sushil Khodwekar 03.05.2019 Dr. Prashant Bansode A Sociological Study of Constitution and Rationality in Indian Society
62 PhD201924 Ms. Tejaswini Popat Sonawane 03.05.2019 Dr. Prashant Bansode Understanding Dalit Women Entrepreneurs Testimonies in the Context of Caste and Gender
63 PhD201925 Ms. Vandana Sharma 03.05.2019 Prof. Anjali Radkar Epidemiology of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: An Unattended Maternal Morbidity
64 PhD201926 Mr. Vinayak Vishwanath Nikas 03.05.2019 Dr. Ashish Kulkarni Political Economy of Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfers in Maharashtra
65 PhD201927 Mr. Vishnu Sivadasa Prabhu 03.05.2019 Prof. Kakali Mukhopadhyay Energy and Environmental Accounting in India at the National and Sub-National level
66 PHD202001 Mr. Dattaprasad Deshpande 03.02.2020 Dr. Neha Dhanawade Sociology of Investment in Indian Share Market by Individuals of Pune Metro Region
67 PHD202002 Ms. Deepika Santhanakrishnan 03.02.2020 Prof. Rajas Parchure The Case of Multi-year Crop Insurance in India
68 PHD202003 Ms. Bidisha Bhattacharya 03.02.2020 Prof. Rajas Parchure Analysis to empirically test Forex Market Clearing Theories of Exchange Rate Determination
69 PHD202004 Mr. Ramrao Nivaruti Mundhe 03.02.2020 Dr. Naresh Bodkhe Competition Issues in Indian Telecom Industry
70 PHD202005 Ms. Hemangi Digvijay Dhanke 03.02.2020 Dr. Vinni Sivanandan Women Empowerment in India
71 PHD202007 Mr. Yogesh Gaurishankar Paylimode 03.02.2020 Dr. Naresh Bodkhe Growth Centre Strategy for Regional Development (A Study of Vidarbha Region in Maharashtra)
72 PHD202008 Ms. Swagata Diwanji Gedam 03.02.2020 Dr. Lalitagauri Kulkarni Bank Business Model in India in the Framework of Structure, Conduct and Performance Paradigm of Banking Sector
73 PHD202009 Ms. Priyanka Ramdas Bokil 03.02.2020 Dr. Anurag Asawa An Inquiry into the Nature of Decentralised Planning in Maharashtra with Specific Reference to District Annual Plans
74 PHD202010 Mr. Sandip Kadu Borse 03.02.2020 Dr. Prashant Bansode Gender Budgeting: A Tool for Achieving Equality
75 PHD202011 Mr. Tulshidas Trimbak Solanke 03.02.2020 Dr. Amruta Suryawanshi Study of Financial Performance of Farmer Producer Companies in Maharashtra
76 PHD202012 Mr. Rahul Kumar 03.02.2020 Dr. Prema Borkar Value Chain of Makhana (Fox Nut) Industry in Bihar
77 PHD202013 Mr. Koustav Ghosh 03.02.2020 Dr. Atreyee Sinha Chakraborty Spatial Clustering and Its Contextual Determinants or Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI) and Its Association with Mother’s Knowledge & Environmental Condition: A Study of Rural West Bengal and India
78 PHD202014 Mr. Jesbin S. Thomas 03.02.2020 Dr. Vinni Sivanandan International Labour Migration of Women from Kerala: Socio-economic Impacts and the Push-Pull Factors
79 PHD202015 Mr. Soumya Kanta Dwibedy 03.02.2020 Dr. Prema Borkar Nature of Financial Inclusion Demand of Farmers and Its Effect on Farm Income & Living Standard – A Case Study of Selected Districts of Chhatisgarh
80 PHD202016 Mr. Priyam Sengupta 03.02.2020 Prof. Kakali Mukhopadhyay Economy Wide Assessment of ‘Non-Fuel Minerals’ in the Context of Achieving Developmental Goals: An Analysis of Indian Economy
81 PHD202017 Ms. Lavanya Sarkar 03.02.2020 Dr. K.S. Reddy Financial inclusion and economic development
82 PHD202018 Ms. Jarken Gadi 03.02.2020 Dr. Prashant Bansode Society and Religion among Galos in Arunachal Pradesh
83 PHD202019 Ms. Ashwini Balaji Digole 03.02.2020 Dr. Atreyee Sinha Chakraborty A study of Indian electronics manufacturing Industry after liberalization
84 PHD202020 Ms. Vidushi Tewari 03.02.2020 Dr. K.S. Hari Gender-Responsive Budgeting: A Study of Maharashtra’s Rural Local Body
85 PHD202021 Ms. Sutapa Malakar 03.02.2020 Dr. Lalitagauri Kulkarni Economic Ideas of P.C. Mahalanobis, D.R. Gadgil and V.K.R.V. Rao
86 PHD202022 Ms. Mrunal Rajiv Shahade 03.02.2020 Dr. Ashish Kulkarni Neuroeconomics- A Step Forward in Exploring Investor Behaviour
87 PHD202023 Mr. Vinay Raghunath Kulkarni 03.02.2020 Dr. Neha Dhanawade Interaction between Financial Cycles and Business Cycles in India, Post 1991: An Analysis
88 PhD202101 Mr. Adesh D. Ugale 01.06.2021 Prof. Jayanti Kajale The role of panchayat raj institutions in development of Maharashtra
89 PhD202102 Mr. Ashwini Kumar 01.06.2021 Dr. K.S. Hari Municipal finance in India: Sustainability issues
90 PhD202103 Mr. Dasharath Tambhale 01.06.2021 Dr. Dilip Kajale Essay on modern agricultural value chains: Farmer Producer Companies (FPCs) in Maharashtra
91 PhD202104 Mr. Dilip V. Shevare 01.06.2021 Dr. Atreyee Sinha Chakraborty Export promotion and import substitution efforts of Government of India in the manufacturing sector since 2011 till 2020
92 PhD202105 Ms. Harshita Chari 01.06.2021 Prof. Anjali Radkar Life satisfaction in the female elderly in India: Evidence from LASI Wave 1
93 PhD202106 Ms. Meghna Khadwal 01.06.2021 Dr. K.S. Reddy A study on the adverse impacts on micro small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) due to Covid-19 pandemic and its effects on employment sector in Indian economy
94 PhD202107 Mr. Mohit Kumar Shrivastav 01.06.2021 Dr. Vini Sivanandan Demographic transition and its linkage with health inequalities in India
95 PhD202108 Ms. Pallavi V. Belhekar 01.06.2021 Dr. Savita Kulkarni Evaluating impact of Maharashtra’s devolution of 5% TSP funds to Gram Panchayats under PESA Act 1996 for tribal development
96 PhD202109 Mr. Ramgopal Kundurthi 01.06.2021 Prof. Rajas Parchure A review of monetary policy in India-inflation targeting and beyond
97 PhD202110 Mr. Ravi Durga Prasad 01.06.2021 Prof. Anjali Radkar Issues of ageing population in India: A study of Socio-economic and health dimensions of aged people
98 PhD202111 Mr. Sagar J. Pagare 01.06.2021 Dr. Vini Sivanandan Migration and child well-being: A study of Aurangabad district of Maharshtra
99 PhD202112 Mr. Saket Kumar 01.06.2021 Dr. Ashish Kulkarni Macro-prudential policy framework in India – Assessing effectiveness, crystallizing metrices and toolbox for its conduct
100 PhD202113 Ms. Sakshi A. Parihar 01.06.2021 Dr. Anurag Asawa Empirical analysis of the components and determinants of overseas direct investment from India
101 PhD202114 Ms. Savitri B. Kore 01.06.2021 Dr. Naresh Bodkhe Empirical analysis of competition and regulatory intervention: Case studies of television distribution and broadcasting services, telecom and cement sector
102 PhD202115 Ms. Saylie Mekhale 01.06.2021 Prof. Jayanti Kajale Intersectional analysis of Farmer Producer Organization (FPO) with gender, climate change, and migration in Maharashtra
103 PhD202116 Ms. Sneha Vasant Sabale 01.06.2021 Dr. Prashant Bansode Democracy and dalit women: Political reservations, stigma and private-public spaces
104 PhD202117 Ms. Vaibhavi S. Pingale 01.06.2021 Dr. Anurag Asawa A study on social security schemes for the unorganised sector workers with special emphasis on the state of Maharashtra
105 PhD202201 Ms. Pritu Singh Reimagining the Conceptual Framework for Financing to Farmer Producer Organizations
106 PhD202202 Ms. Shrivardhini Talule Determinants of IPO Performance
107 PhD202203 Ms. Anushi Tiwary Social and Academic Peer Effects: Evidence from Pune
108 PhD202204 Mr. Mukul Sharma Exploring the relationship of market share and market concentration with profitability in the Indian markets
109 PhD202205 Mr. Deepak Taware Evaluation of Agricultural Marketing
Reforms : Private Markets, Direct
Marketing, Contract Farming & E-NAM
110 PhD202206 Ms. Rashika Singh Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Major Industries: Cross Country Analysis
111 PhD202207 Ms. Ananya Khurana Export Potential of Indian Food Processing Industry and its Macroeconomic Implications:
New Approach, New Insights
112 PhD202208 Mr. Sushil Walunj Multicounty Multicommodity Trade Equilibrium
113 PhD202209 Mr. Prateek Dwivedi An Impact of Extractions of mineral Resources from Eco-Sensitive Zones on Environment and Biodiversity
114 PhD202210 Mr. Alankar Shirsath Manipulating Externalities: A study on consequences of controlling Negative Consumption Externalities
115 PhD202211 Mr. Sugat Machale Impact of Agricultural Loan Waivers on Public Finance in India
116 PhD202212 Mr. Sachin Salunke Access to irreproachable & transparent justice by using ICT powered by AI, ML and Block Chain is right of court user or discretionary power of judiciary, for
accomplishment of object and purpose of establishing the Administrative Tribunals (MAT, CAT), its consequences on economy of the Nation
117 PhD202213 Mr. Rahul Chavan Causes and consequences of decreasing velocity of money : A study with special reference to Indian Economy.
118 PhD202214 Mr. Pankaj Makhmale A Study on the Impact of Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana(PMFBY) on Farmers and Its Role in the Development of Agricultural Sector in Marathwada Region of Maharashtra
119 PhD202215 Ms. Ankita Sangle Computation of Impact of Climate Change on Migration in India
and Socio-Economic Challenges Arising out of climate Refugee Crisis with Special Focus on India’s Preparedness for Mass Migration
120 PhD202216 Mr. Akshay Ugale Critical Analysis of the Non-Performing
Assets in India with special reference to
the Asset Reconstruction Companies,
Debt Recovery Tribunals, and Legal
121 PhD202217 Mr. Pavan Narwade An Economic Aanalysis of Impact of Climate Change on Indian Agriculture with Special Reference to Maharashtra State
122 PhD202218 Mr. Ravi Gaikwad Empirical analysis on application of probability calibration techniques on credit risk and measuring its effectiveness