Previous Conferences

Sr. No.Particulars/TitleDate

Year 2016-2017

1.19th National Conference of Input Output Research Association (IORA), jointly organized by the Institute and University of Mumbai at InstituteJanuary 11-12,2017

Year 2015-2016

1.First Banking Research Conference 2016  organized by IBS, Hyderabad in collaboration with the Institute,January 29-30, 2016

Year 2014-2015

1.XIII Capital Markets Conference jointly organized by Institute and Indian Institute of Capital Markets at Indian Institute of Capital Markets, Mumbai,December 18-19, 2014
2.Follow-up National Conference on “Improvising Official Statistics – Databases for Economic Growth and Development Planning of Nation/States/UTs/Districts of India”February 1, 2015

Year 2013-2014

1.17th National Conference of Input-Output Research Association (IORA), IORA with Planning CommissionJanuary 31- February 2, 2014
2.Conference on “Illicit Finance Flows: Paralyzing India’s Development”, Academy of Political and Social Studies and GIPEMarch 22, 2014
3.Economics Conclave 2014 — Indian Economy: Performances and Challenges Ahead, GIPE, Pune

February 14-15, 2014.


Third Conference on Health for All to Universal Health Coverage: Journey so far and Challenges Ahead, Indian Health Economics and Policy Association (IHEPA) and Azim Premji UniversityJanuary 6-7, 2014

Year 2012-2013

1.26th National Conference on Agricultural Marketing, Indian Society of Agricultural Marketing and GIPEDecember 20-22, 2012
2.XXXXIV Annual Conference of the Indian Association for the Study of the Population (IASP), IASPDecember 13-15, 2012

Year 2011-2012

1.16th International Conference of the Indian Input Output Research Association (IORA), IORAMarch 6-8, 2012