Livelihood Transition, Poverty and Child Care Transition and its Effect on Child Undernutrition in the Tribal Regions of India and South Africa – Supported by ICCSR

Exploring Pathways to Repairing and Restoring Trust in the Health System – Supported by the University of Kent

Health Seeking Behaviour in four Indian States – Supported by Population Council

Preparation of Morbidity and Mortality Tables for India using PMJAY data – For NITI Aayog

Migration for Livelihood of Tribal Population Study of Tribal Population in Palghar District – Supported by Janarth

Mapping out the Diversities in the Context of Caste and Region in Maharashtra.

In search of Commonalities in the Determinants of Birth Masculinity in Selected Asian, European and African Countries

Wealth Inequality in India and Sri Lanka: Comparison in Time and Space

Marriage Squeeze in Asian Demography

Role of Women in Agricultural Sector: Case of Maharashtra – Supported by Ministry of Agriculture