In addition to the research studies undertaken by the three Research Centres, the Institute has emerged as a premier agency for socio-economic research and independent evaluation projects sponsored by state/central government agencies, the Indian corporate sector, international agencies and the NGO sector.

Some of the major research/evaluation studies undertaken by the Institute during the past three years include:

  • A Study of the Contributory Factors to the Reversing Son Preference in India (UNFPA)
  • Strengthening Growth Monitoring and Promotion through the Integrated Child Development Services in Maharashtra (UNICEF)
  • Revival of Unfinished Irrigation Projects in Maharashtra, PPCP model for pilot Nira-Devghar Project (Maharashtra Krishna Valley Development Corporation, Govt. of Maharashtra)
  • Benchmark Survey of Scheduled Tribes in Maharashtra (Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of Maharashtra)
  • Quality Evaluation  of Annual Plan Schemes of four districts in Maharashtra (District Planning Committees)
  • Inspection and Evaluation of beneficiaries financed/trained under schemes of National Backward Classes Finance & Development  (National Backward Classes Finance & Development Corp (NBCFDC) Delhi)
  • Evaluation of Debt Waiver Scheme (NABARD)
  • Assessment of growth monitoring activities of ICDs Anganwadi Centre (UNICEF)
  • Female Domestic Workers and Socio Economic Inclusion (Indian Council of Social Science & Research, New Delhi)
  • Capital Flows & Exchange Rate Volatility in the Financial Stability Framework for India (Reserve Bank of India)
  • Anatomy and Measurement of Judicial Pendency in India’, (with Maharashtra Judicial Academy, Mumbai)